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Cummins Power Generation Liquid Cooled Natural Gas or Propane Generators

QuietConnect™ Series Liquid Cooled Standby Generators

Cummins' QuietConnect™ Series delivers the perfect solution for your home's backup power needs. Whether small or large, your home's power needs are equally essential to the peace and comfort of your family. Compact generator designs mean whatever your home's style, the QuietConnect™ fits neatly and aesthetically into the setting.

QuietConnect™ generators utilize engineering designs and advanced technology to attain the lowest possible sound profile. Extensive testing and patented technology ensure these models are some of the quietest standby home generators on the market.

Whether you're home or away, QuietConnect™'s monitoring and diagnostics systems allow you to control your generator without going out in the weather. Auto-transfer, integrated load management, and low emissions all combine to make the QuietConnect™ Series a convenient, safe, and efficient solution.

Power outages can be a serious issue. Cold weather threatens health, darkness causes accidental injuries, failed security systems allow incursions into your home, even something as simple as spoiled food from failed refrigeration can threaten your family. Cummins Power Generation standby generators bring the lights back on, along with everything else your family needs. When the power goes out, know your family is sleeping, working, and playing in the comfort and safety of Cummins standby generators.

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)