Global Power Products (GPP) Diesel Generators

GPP Diesel Generators

Global Power Products (GPP) manufactures standard and custom configured diesel generators, 8 to 100 kW, in enclosed, open frame and keel cooled configurations. GPP engineers also design custom configured equipment to meet unique OEM and military requirements that include extreme temperatures, wind, blowing sand, radiation and even radar avoidance.

  • Enclosed Diesel Generators

    Weather Enclosed Diesel Generators

    Built with the cleanest, most reliable diesel engines anywhere, GPP weather enclosed diesel generators combine superb quality with low up-front costs and low operating costs. A menu of basic options enables you to build your generator your way, so that you have what you need and you eliminate what you don’t need. High quality plus low up-front cost makes you the winner. Affordable weather enclosed diesel generators -- clean, efficient, reliable.

  • Open Diesel Generators

    Open Diesel Generators

    GPP diesel generators are engineered to the highest standards to ensure you of superb performance. Intelligent design, rugged durability and competitive pricing make GPP your smart choice for demanding power applications. Recognized for long life and strong aftermarket support, GLOBAL POWER PRODUCTS® empowers peace of mind.