HiPower Systems Welding Generators

HIPOWER HW400A SEMI-AUTOMATIC WELDING with ability to perform semi-automatic welding such as MIG, MAG, SS.

HIPOWER SYSTEMS present high efficiency welding generators that operate with low noise and are versatile, durable, compact, and environmentally friendly.

-Exceptionally quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology
-Superior welding performance thanks to a unique current control system
-Automatic engine idle means longer engine life
-Dual operator capability
-Digital meters
-CV, CC, MIG, TIG, Stick, Gouging (air arc gouging; 1/4-inch capability)
-Super quiet; at 58dB(A)
-Compact and lightweight
-Water-proof construction; easily accessible external drain plugs
-Automatic safety output reduction and engine shut-down features
-Fuel gauge illuminated for night visibility
-Complies with EPA-2 TPEM emission standards
-Optional remote control capability
-Operation in eco mode reduces engine emissions, extends engine life, consumes 30% less fuel, produces 10% less noise and is still capable of 220 amp output!

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1 Item(s)