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DC-DC Converters

Victron DC-DC Converters

A Victron DC-DC converter gives you the ability to safely power your most sensitive devices, regardless of the voltage input, and no matter where you may be utilizing your energy application. It also allows you to control the precise output a device receives for a safer power experience. Colorado Standby is proud to offer a wide range of Victron Energy Orion-Tr DC-DC converters as part of our lineup from this esteemed manufacturer.

DC-DC converters can serve many different purposes, but some of the most common include allowing 12V devices to receive power from 24V systems (or vice versa), supplying particularly sensitive devices with stable power output, and cutting down on power system interference. All of this translates to a more seamless application, whether your needs are marine, residential, or automotive. DC-DC converters simply open a world of possibilities for your energy application, so you can feel unencumbered without safety concerns.

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