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Victron Energy Inverters

Energy on its own is useless if it cannot be properly consumed by the necessary appliances, or if those appliances are damaged as a result of low-grade equipment. To ensure that all aspects of your application continue running smoothly without the possibility of negative impact, Colorado Standby supplies Victron Blue Energy Inverters; there are four selections to choose from: Phoenix Inverter, Phoenix Inverter Compact, Phoenix Inverter Smart, and Phoenix Inverter VE Direct. With these varied offerings, Victron inverters allow customers to find a solution that perfectly suits their application for optimal functionality regardless of the situation.

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  • Phoenix Inverter

    Phoenix Inverter

    Developed for professional duty, the Phoenix range of inverters is suitable for the widest range of applications. The design criteria have been to produce a true sine wave inverter with optimized efficiency but without compromise in performance. Employing hybrid HF technology, the result is a top quality product with compact dimensions, light in weight and capable of supplying power, problem free, to any load.

    Pure sine wave output, high peak power and high efficiency. Combined high frequency and line frequency technologies ensure the best of both worlds.

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  • Phoenix Inverter Compact

    Phoenix Inverter Compact 1200VA - 2000VA

    The Phoenix Inverter Compact is a pure sine wave inverter with a high efficiency. It is developed for professional duty and suitable for the wide range of applications.

    The Phoenix Inverters Compact is available from 1200VA up to 2000VA in 12V or 24V. View more Phoenix inverters.

    Colorado Standby supplies inverters, chargers, and converters, from Victron Energy.

  • Phoenix Inverter Smart

    Phoenix Inverter Smart 1600VA - 3000VA

    The Phoenix Inverter Smart is an efficient and reliable inverter. Built on our proven and field tested Phoenix inverter platform, it now comes with a new slimmer design and full metal casing. Models are available in 1600VA, 2000VA and 3000VA for 12, 24 or 48V systems.

    It’s powerful enough to supply most common plug in appliances in your car, boat, caravan or home. A toroidal transformer provides a high peak power surge capacity, stable voltage, frequency and high quality sine-wave. 

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  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct

    Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct

    Inverters allow you to power domestic equipment - requiring 120V AC - using 'leisure' or 'automotive' batteries rated at 12V, 24V or 48V DC.


    250VA, 375VA, 800VA, 1200VA

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  • Phoenix Chargers

    Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers

    Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers make the entire charging process a breeze. Thanks to the many high-tech features the brand has incorporated in its line of charges, it has never been easier to ensure your batteries operate at maximum capacity.

    No matter if you’re a homeowner with an off-grid system, electric car owner, or a professional looking for a high-quality battery charger, the Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers have everything you are looking for.

    What are Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers?

    The Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers offer an adaptive 4-stage charging process:

    1. Bulk
    2. Absorption
    3. Float
    4. Storage

    They come with two full-rate outputs, and one 4 AMP output, with a universal input of 90-265V, 50/60Hz. In addition, the Phoenix charger features a microprocessor-controlled adaptive battery management system that enables users to pre-set the systems to suit a variety of different batteries.

    This adaptive system can also automatically optimize the charging process based on how the battery is currently being used, ensuring optimal charge as well as performance simultaneously.

    Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers Benefits

    Victron Energy is no stranger to innovation, and the Phoenix charger makes the most out of modern technology to provide users with the best in terms of safe, reliable battery charging.

    Some notable benefits of the Phoenix charger include:

    • Adaptive charging - automatically optimizes charging based on battery usage
    • Rapid Charging - fully charged batteries much faster than other chargers on the market
    • BatterySafe mode - prevent damage caused by excessive gassing
    • All Season Mode - has an operating temperature range of -20 to 60°C (0 - 140°F)
    • Temperature Sense - charge voltage automatically increases based on battery temperature
    • Voltage Sense - allows the battery to always receive the correct voltage, in spite of cable resistance
    • Integrated Battery Alarm - the charge emits an audio and visual alarm if the battery temperature is too high or too low
    • Phoenix Charger Control - enables controlling and monitoring the charging process remotely
    • BMV-700 Battery Monitor - measures systems for battery voltage and charge/discharge current. Additionally, the algorithm also calculates the exact state of charge of the battery.
    • Victron Energy Phoenix Chargers can be perfectly fitted into any energy system and safely supply your batteries with the right voltage.

      If you are interested in purchasing a Victron Energy Phoenix Charger or want to learn more about Victron Energy accessories, as an authorized distributor, the team and Colorado Standby is best suited to assist you. Call us at 866-888-6111 and let’s get started.