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Victron Accessories

Victron Accessories from Colorado Standby

When it comes to an alternative power solution, the focus on batteries or charges is only part of the process - the accessories also matter.

Victron Energy Blue Power offers a wide range of accessories that can ensure your independent power system is fully working and can help you improve monitorization. Colorado Standby is here to assist you in choosing the right accessories for your system, as an authorized Victron Energy Blue Power distributor.

We have over 20 years of experience in this area and have helped countless clients make the smart choice when it comes to boosting the effects of their power system through the right accessory. Our top-notch services and pristine customer services can be a good ally in your search for the right accessory!

Consult our range of Victron Accessories on this page or reach out to our team for more information and help.

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Blue Power Accessories

This range provides additional accessories that are exclusive to Victron’s Blue Power line, which can include a Victron case for BPC chargers, rubber bumper, battery indicator panels, meter expansion cables, and many, many more. If you have a Blue Power system, the Colorado Standby team can help you choose the right accessories.

Smart Battery Sense

This is a wireless sensor designed for Victron MPPT Solar Chargers. The Smart Batter Sense is designed to sense battery voltage and temperature, ensure the batteries of the system will charge more efficiently, and that the lifespan of the product is prolonged. The Smart Battery Sense is a good investment for those who have the MPPT Solar Charger.

MPPT WireBox - MC4

With the MPPT WireBox, your MPPT Solar Charger is much safer, especially if it is installed in a general access area. The accessory covers all DC terminals and can prevent contact with terminal screws, be they done by accident or out of curiosity.

MPPT WireBox - Tr

Similar to the MPPT WireBox - MC4, the TR model also aims to increase the safety of your MPPT Solar Charger. If you’re unsure which model works best for you, the engineers at Colorado Standby can provide further information about the differences of each model.

M6/M8 Eyelet Connecter

The M6/M8 is an accessory designed for the Blue Smart IP65 Charger with the DC connector more safely and efficiently.

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