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Colorado Standby Products by Application Category

At Colorado Standby, we carry products for all kinds of uses. Whether you are looking for a residential standby generator to protect your home and small business, an air compressor for your construction company, or a solar solution for your long term projects, we have you covered. With over 20 years of engineering experience, Colorado Standby's certified staff will guide you every step of the way to ensure you are making the correct choice. 

  • Residential Standby

    Home Generators

    Do You Need a Home Generator? Weather-related natural disasters are on the rise, and while they aren't the only cause for widespread power outages, they are a huge concern. Other threats to your home power include critters damaging power lines, vehicle accidents that knock down poles, or failure on the power grid. Power outages can be unexpected, which is why your home should be protected with a backup generator.

    Why Have a Home Generator? When your power goes out, it affects more than the lights. During a widespread power outage caused by an ice storm or heavy snow during frigid winter months, a home generator keeps the heat on, so your family can stay warm and comfortable. During the summer, your air conditioner is vital to keeping you cool in sweltering temperatures. If you have an electric stove and oven, our generators let you maintain your ability to cook. A freezer full of meat can spoil in less than 48 hours without power, but a generator will keep everything frozen and safe to eat. Generators are especially essential if you or a loved one depends on medical devices that require electricity.

    How Can Colorado Standby Help? Here at Colorado Standby we provide automatic standby generators to the entire nation. Installation of generators can be tricky for homeowners, but our experienced and certified staff will get the job done right. We handle the process from beginning to end, from helping you pick the generator that is right for you to permitting, full installation, warranty testing, and even preventative maintenance. Contact us today for all your home generator needs!

  • Farm and Agriculture

    Farm, Ranch, and Agriculture Generators and Equipment

    Whether you need a portable diesel generator for your irrigation system, a PTO generator for your tractor, or a 4-megawatt backup generator for your grow operation, we have you covered. 

    PTO generators are an economical way to provide power if you already own a tractor. They can be trailer mounted or use a three-point hitch system. Our experts can help you find a solution for any of your Ranch or Farm power needs.

  • RV/Commercial Mobile

    RV Generators

    Why an RV Generator Is Your Ticket to Freedom:

    Owning an RV generator is more than a luxury; in fact, it's a necessity if you want to really experience RV living at its fullest. RV generators provide vital electrical power when you need it, and there are just some places you won't be able to go without electricity. In areas with extreme heat or cold, electricity is vital to your comfort and your safety.In addition, an RV generator keeps the lights running for you if you don't have access to shore power. You can probably only imagine how dark it gets in some areas without lighting. The good news is a generator keeps you safe and secure and provides peace-of-mind regardless of the time of day. An RV diesel generator will also will keep you eating well, even when no AC connections are available. An RV generator powers your refrigerator and your microwave oven, and that means you don't have to subsist on canned goods and use up all your propane on the stove. If you think an RV generator is in your future, be sure to contact us at Colorado Standby for your next purchase. We have nearly two decades of experience in the power generation business and completely understand your needs as an RV owner. At Colorado Standby we offer customers powerful, reliable and quiet Cummins Onan generators, made for use in RVs, and you can trust that we will support you all through the purchase and installation process. Even after you buy from Colorado Standby, know that we are here to support your every need.

  • Inverters & Chargers

    Power Inverters

    We carry a full line of Inverters and Battery chargers from Xantrex. Xantrex designs and manufactures a wide range of AC and DC mobile power products for boats, recreational vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, utility and emergency vehicles and automobiles. We specialize in providing solutions to OEM manufactures and fleets. We stock the most commonly ordered Xantrex parts so you don’t have to wait.

  • Commercial Products

    Commercial Products

    Commercial backup is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Make sure your company is up and running even when the power grid is down.

  • Construction & Mining

    Construction Generators

    Construction and Mining projects often take place before power is present. Many times these projects are completely off grid. We carry a full line of jobsite portable generators to large towable prime power generators. We also carry jobsite fuel tanks with up to a 16,000 gallon capacity.

  • Oil and Gas Field - Generators and Equipment

    Oilfield Generators 

    Colorado Standby can supply generators for any Oil and Gas project, and we can get it to you quickly. Our collection of generators is based on quality and reliability, because the last thing you need is an equipment failure in the field. So what type of generator do you need? Towable diesel generator? Well-head generator to use your gas-byproduct as fuel? Stationary Super-Silent? Portable generator for smaller projects? We've got whatever you're looking for. Whether your location is domestic or overseas, we can hook you up with high quality generators without the hassle. Our oilfield generators have been used in extremely cold climates like the Arctic Circle to the sandy heat of Morocco. Whether you're needing solutions for an off-shore drilling platform or a pipeline project, we can supply you.

    Why should you choose Colorado Standby?

    First of all, we offer fast and free shipping to any location. We appreciate your business and want you to know it by promptly filling your order. Our excellent customer service department will walk you through the entire process, and you won't ever be left hanging, or told your item is out of stock. Our inventory is huge and our technicians and installation experts will support your plans. We have over thirty years of experience with generators and power systems.

  • Military & Government

    Military Generators

    We provide solutions for overseas deployments, disaster relief, emergency backup and safeguarding our borders. Our products range from the standard to the unique. Our combination units are designed to make the worst situations better. They provide power, lighting and water in one convenient towable package. Whether it is a current emergency or planning for the future our staff is uniquely qualified to help you find the right product. Our generators have been on the scene for countless emergencies. We provide a turnkey solution to get products to you in a quick manner. We know your emergency doesn't quit at 5 and neither will we. During a disaster, you will be provided with a 24/7 expert contact who will make sure you are provided personal and professional guidance.

  • Stationary Emergency

    Backup Generators 

    The purchase of a backup generator is a wise one, especially for businesses and companies that may be affected, as well as homes. If you're looking for a backup house generator for sale, we've got you covered. 

    For Your Business or Company

    Companies with a backup generator are certainly at an advantage when a severe storm affects their area. Companies that deal with shipping dates, order deadlines, sales, and production all need to work effectively and in a timely manner. In the winter, many companies are unable to heat their buildings when power is lost, and a lack of electricity means it may not be safe for employees to remain. However, with a backup generator, you can power your company or business and continue to complete tasks on time. Even a few hours without power or services provided can hurt a business's earnings and hurt the owner and the business's reputation.

    For Your Home

    Homeowners find that diesel generators are very important during and after a storm. In the winter, a loss of power can spell disaster when the temperature drops quite low. Many families have young children or elderly relatives who require comfort and security, and in times of drastic cold or heat, this comfort is threatened. There is more at risk than discomfort, though, as refrigerated and frozen foods can spoil. Homeowners need to be aware of the danger of losing power.If your business or home does not have a generator in case of emergency, you may be hurting yourself and putting your company or family at risk. For more information on obtaining a Cummins Onan commercial mobile generator for commercial or private use, contact Colorado Standby.

  • Irrigation & Pumps

    Generac Dry Prime Irrigation Pumps

    From small clear water pumps to large diesel powered trash pumps, we carry them all. Our specialty is Generac Dry Prime Pumps which are built to withstand the rugged conditions and rigorous use common to construction sites. You can depend on Generac Dry Prime Pumps in the toughest of conditions. Select our high capacity, vacuum assisted centrifugal pumps for drilling mud and water transfer with rapid unattended priming and re-priming. Let one of our experts help you find the ideal pump for your job.

  • Portable Power

    Portable Generators

    Our portable power products provide the power you need in convenient transportable packages. Whether it is a weekend camping trip or a construction site our generators have you covered. We offer gasoline, diesel, propane, bi-fuel and tri-fuel generators. We also carry three phase portable generators. Our staff can help you select the ideal portable generator for you application.

  • Renewable Energy

    Solar, Hybrid & Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

    Every company has a mission to become more Earth friendly. Unfortunately “Going Green” and profitability have long been at odds. This is not the case with our products. Our solar and hybrid light towers will directly and positively affect your fuel costs. Our well head gas generators run off of free, clean burning fuel. We also offer the first light tower to use hydrogen fuel cell technology.

  • Residential Solutions

    Natural Gas and Propane Residential Generators

  • Hurricane Relief

    Hurricane Generators

    When you lose electrical power due to the torrential rains and high winds commonly associated with a hurricane, a fallen tree or large limb, or a utility company failure that results in a widespread power outage, having a backup emergency generator can keep you and your family safe and comfortable with electrical power for days.

    You will find there are a variety of portable, easy to use, and quiet running hurricane generators that are configured to meet the size of your home and the amount electricity needed to operate your lights, HVAC, and appliances. Choose a generator supplier that can offer you a choice of gasoline, natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel types and styles. Owning a backup power supply will offer your family peace of mind, knowing you can keep essential electrical functions up and running until full power has been restored in the community. Colorado Standby has hurricane generators for sale that will be sure to meet your family’s needs.

    Need something a little larger to suit your needs? Take a look at these additional home generators