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HiPower Systems Generators

HiPower Systems Generators

HIPOWER SYSTEMS understands the reliable, cost-effective power-generation solutions your projects require and the demanding conditions of your field locations.

In short, they understand you.

Founded in 1982 as HIMOINSA®, HiPower set out to offer power generation solutions capable of satisfying continuous, clean, and efficient energy supply needs for customers in southeast Spain and the surrounding area. By providing world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to customers, they expanded their presence to more than 100 countries across five continents.

Today, as U.S. based HIPOWER SYSTEMS, they are the principal supplier of power distribution and prime, standalone power generation equipment and packages to the U.S. and Canadian markets. They work non-stop to ensure end-users reap the most possible benefit from their equipment and expertise. They serve Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors.  

They serve you.

Or, rather, they would like the opportunity to serve you. Check out their generators and power generation packages detailed herein. You will be glad that you did. Call us today to learn more about HiPower Systems Generators!

  • HiPower Backup Propane and Natural Gas Generators

    HiPower Standby/Backup Propane and Natural Gas Generators

    Fuel-source reliability and environmental regulations are primary concerns and often reasons why organizations select HiPower backup propane and natural gas generators for standby power. Generators may go long periods of time without being run other than for testing, meaning long-term diesel storage is also a matter of interest. 

    These are significant considerations, making the choice of natural gas a necessity, and often a directive, for many firms. Natural gas is less expensive than diesel, although it generally takes much longer to recapture the cost differential for a standby HiPower backup propane and natural gas generator (as compared to diesel) than for a prime power unit.

    • The availability of underground natural gas lines gives natural gas generators a reliable fuel supply if above-ground disasters strike. Having a continuous supply eliminates the need for fuel storage and scheduled deliveries. This enables natural gas backup generators to meet the rigorous guidelines of cities and other urban areas concerned with the possibility of fuel tank explosions.
    • Standby natural gas generators can be interconnected with the utility grid through an automatic transfer switch. In the event of a power disruption, they can start automatically and then shut themselves off when power is restored. Some of these units can also test themselves automatically on a regularly scheduled basis.
    • In urban areas, local or state governments may have enacted regulations prohibiting the use of diesel engines due to emissions concerns. Even though the current generation of diesel engines burns far cleaner than in previous years, natural gas is still considered a more environmentally friendly choice. 
  • HiPower Backup Diesel Generators

    HiPower Backup/Standby Diesel Generators

    HiPower backup and standby diesel generators are available in a wide range of configurations that vary based upon the application and mode of operation. Liquid-cooled diesel backup generators such as those that HIPOWER SYSTEMS offers are preferable where quiet operation is required; they also offer a more evenly controlled temperature than air-cooled backup diesel generators.

    Diesel standby generators cost less to maintain than natural gas models due to a variety of factors, including the absence of a spark ignition system. They are considered more rugged and reliable in very harsh conditions and have longer operating lives. They also will perform with less frequent service intervals. Depending on the size and operating speed of the engine, a HiPower backup and standby diesel generators may run for three times as long as its natural gas counterpart before requiring servicing. 

    Industrial, diesel-powered backup generators for standby backup power are commonly found in agricultural, construction, forestry, hospital, marine, mining, telecommunications and underground applications. Diesel standby/backup generators can be outfitted with bi-fuel systems to burn natural gas, as well. Check out more of our HiPower Systems generators for additional options.

  • HiPower Prime Wellhead & Natural Gas Generators

    HiPower Prime Wellhead & Natural Gas Generators

    Built with the highest-quality standards to increase longevity and reduce maintenance and service calls, HiPower’s portable prime wellhead & natural gas generators are in demand for urban operations and industrial sites.

    Natural gas engines are preferred, and often mandated, in many urban environments. HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ rigorously tested and calibrated portable natural gas & prime wellhead generators meet or exceed all applicable codes in urban settings. When installed in tandem with existing pipelines, they offer greater fuel availability in all conditions and enable efficient, clean fuel delivery, eliminating the need for delivery tankers and large storage tanks.

    For industrial sites that are or may soon be under regulatory scrutiny, using HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ energy efficient, sound attenuated, totally enclosed and bounded portable generators gives operators a decided advantage in meeting safety and operating regulations. These award-winning gensets also help to maximize investment, as they can be attached to a trailer or truck, and even hoisted or winched to multiple locations as power needs arise.

    Beyond the quality of its products, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed advanced processes and enhanced programs to help owners ensure their equipment is safe, properly maintained and as user-friendly as possible. These services include comprehensive training programs and maintenance services, including an option to have a dedicated support team fly onsite to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

    To learn more about the features and characteristics of our HiPower prime wellhead & natural gas generators, we invite you to visit the individual product pages below.

  • HiPower Towable Diesel Generators

    HiPower Towable Diesel Generators

    All of HIPOWERSYSTEMS' precision-machined and tested diesel generators are enclosed and portable, making them the ideal choice for markets from construction and special events to convenience stores. Our HiPower Towable Diesel Generators ensure that your can bring power to where you need it to be.

    HIPOWER SYSTEMS originated an end-to-end design, engineering and manufacturing ecosystem that ensures they produce the most trouble-free, weather-resistant, user-friendly diesel engines in the market today.

    Their commitment to lasting quality is backed by industry-leading customer service, tightly managed delivery windows and internationally recognized suppliers. Ranging in prime power ratings from 25 kVA to 1152 kVA, many of our diesel gensets come pre-mounted on trailers for portability and all are built to run under load 24/7/365 when maintained according to recommendations.

    To reinforce its reputation for world-class quality and service, HIPOWER SYSTEMS also uses advanced processes and programs to help purchasers ensure their equipment is safe, properly conditioned to operate and as user-friendly as possible.

    To learn more about the features and characteristics of their diesel generators, we invite you to visit the individual product pages below. Have questions? Call us today and we will be happy to help you!

  • HiPower Agriculture & Livestock Diesel Backup Generators

    HiPower Agriculture & Livestock Diesel Backup/Standby Generators

    Farmers rely on generators that can protect their investment when most needed. HiPower's American made agricultural & livestock generator product line is designed, engineered and manufactured to get the job done!

  • HiPower Portable Power Distribution

    HiPower Portable Power Distribution

    Every piece of power distribution equipment and cabling HIPOWER offers combines innovation and excellence with enhanced features to provide superior power efficiency and versatility. HiPower Portable Power Distribution ensures you can deliver power wherever you need it in a safe and long lasting way.

    Extensive experience providing power solutions on a global scale has enabled HiPower to master the complexities of power distribution technology. At every turn, they gather innovative ideas, identify premium components and make advanced engineering decisions to provide customers with best-in-class performance and durability under the most demanding conditions.

    The breadth of their offering makes them a one-stop resource for power distribution panels, boxes, cables and assemblies, all of which are compliant with or certified to the highest industry standards including UL, CSA, NEMA, NEC, OSHA, ASTM, MSHA, ROHS, ICEA and IEC, as applicable. From alternative energy to petroleum and mining; aerospace and military to telecommunications and transit, HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ power distribution equipment offers unparalleled quality and ingenuity, around the clock.

    If you are not sure if this is the power solution for you,call us and we will talk you through your options.