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Victron Energy Blue Power Distributor

At Colorado Standby, we’re committed to providing the best possible products in conjunction with the highest level of service.

As an authorized Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, we can get you all of the best products, all while offering the best in customer service. 

For decades Victron has asserted their expertise in the industry, which is why so many view them as the premier manufacturer of batteries, chargers, converters, and the like. This Dutch company develops high-end products that allow for an unparalleled level of integration and ease, regardless of whether your application is marine, off-grid, or for your vehicle. 

As a Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, Colorado Standby offers a wide selection of Victron products in a range of subcategories, including:

  • Batteries, Isolators and Combiners, and Monitors 
  • Chargers and Converters, Autotransformers, Inverters/Chargers, and Isolation Transformers 
  • Solar, Cables, Inverters, Controllers, and All-In-One Packages

Uses for Victron Energy Products

Professional vehicle

Professional Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

If you rely on your mobile business for income, don't leave your power system up to chance. It's important that your power systems function flawlessly. Trust  Victron Energy for your needs. 

For anyone looking for a true off-road adventure, you know that reliable transportation and energy help you meet basic needs. Victron power systems help you withstand harsh conditions on the road.

  • Victron Chargers & Converters

    Victron Chargers & Converters

    While batteries are certainly important for many applications, they can become useless without the right tools to keep them functioning properly. Chargers and converters are vital to the performance of any battery system, and Victron Chargers and Converters are an ideal solution for those seeking high-quality products.

    Having built a global reputation for excellence, Victron produces top-tier items in every possible category which include chargers and converters. Victron aims to serve off-grid, vehicle, and marine markets, so no matter what application has you seeking a charger or inverter, Victron likely has an ideal solution.

    Victron Chargers:

    Even batteries with incredibly long power reserves will need to charge eventually, and when that happens, Victron has the tools to help. Colorado Standby carries a range of Victron Charger lines, including Blue Smart, Phoenix, Skylla-i, Skylla-TG, and Centaur Chargers.

    These chargers are designed for 12-volt, 24-volt, and even 48-volt batteries, meaning you can customize your selection to your precise needs, whether that is charging the battery of an electric vehicle, or maintain enough power storage to keep your home off-grid.

    Victron Converters:

    Victron is an industry leader in hybrid and stackable inverter-chargers, so some solutions can be purchased together. This means that certain systems will charge while performing their conversion functions. In any case, a converter is necessary for ensuring that power can be properly received by the intended system.

    For example, Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters from Victron use synchronous rectification to maximize load efficiency. Colorado Standby offers stackable inverter/charger combinations, as well as standalone systems, so you have a high degree of control over your precise specifications.

    No matter what sort of battery system or application you use, high-quality chargers and converters are vital—browse our selection of Victron chargers and converters today.

  • Victron Batteries

    Victron Lithium Batteries

    Whether you want to go green with an off-grid energy system, need an extra power supply to keep your business running, or some stored energy for when you take your boat out for the weekend, Victron Batteries are a high-quality solution, certain to meet your needs.

    Victron Batteries are an incredibly popular type of battery that Colorado Standby carries in a number of subcategories, including AGM Super Cycle Batteries, Gel and AGM Batteries, Lead Carbon Batteries, Telecom Batteries, SuperPack Batteries, and Smart Batteries, among others.

    In addition to this wide selection of batteries, Colorado Standby also carries a range of complementary products from Victron, like Battery Protect, DC-DC Converters, Battery Isolators and Combiners, and Battery Monitors which allow you to maintain a firm grasp on precisely how much power is left in a battery.

    Victron Lithium Batteries specifically, are made in one of the safest forms possible for any mainstream lithium-ion battery. A 12-volt LFP battery (like the ones made by Victron) consists of a series of four connected cells; a 24-volt LFP battery uses the same formula doubled, so it contains eight cells connected in a series.

    Because Victron Batteries can be purchased in such a wide range of sizes and subcategories, they are perfect for practically any application where you need assurance that you can store power safely and effectively. Whether you want to power a building from a renewable energy system on a Victron Battery, or set out on a marine excursion with the confidence that you’ll be able to power your exploits effectively from start to finish, Victron Batteries are here to help.

    Colorado Standby carries a wide array of Victron Batteries, including Victron lithium batteries, that can be used for virtually every application—shop our selection today to find the perfect solution to your energy saving needs.

  • Victron Solar

    Victron Solar

    With federal and state tax incentives abounding, plus ever-mounting pressure to take green initiatives, solar energy has never been more popular than it is today. Given that many Victron products are designed to help users go off-grid, it’s no wonder that solar items are a popular offering from this Dutch company, and Colorado Standby is proud to include Victron Solar products in our lineup as a dealer.

    We have solar products from Victron available in several subcategories. Victron EasySolar All-in-One solutions provide virtually everything you would need to install a solar system from a power standpoint in one convenient package, including an inverter/charger, AC distribution, and an MPPT solar charge controller. These solutions are easy to install and require very minimal wiring for a seamless experience.

    MPPT solar charge controllers can also be purchased on their own as a means of maximizing the connection between the solar panels and the battery system; likewise, a Victron solar inverter can be purchased on its own to allow the energy produced from solar panels to be properly stored in batteries for future use.

    At Colorado Standby, we also sell a range of Victron solar cables intended to properly connect to solar panels for maximum efficiency. Victron is a global leader in equipment that enhances the conversion and storage of power, so it seems only natural that they create top-tier solar products.

    Whether you are looking to install a system that will simply supply you with a small energy store to offset some of your current consumption, or you are interested in going completely off-grid, Victron solar products have the technological ability to meet your needs.

    Colorado Standby is committed to providing you with the best possible products coupled with the most supportive customer service in the market; shop our selection of Victron Solar and EasySolar products today.

  • Victron Others

    Victron Energy Parts and Accessories

    When you’re in the market for Victron Energy products, miscellaneous parts and accessories may not be the first items that spring to mind. However, they’re just as important as batteries or chargers to the overall function of any off-grid, marine, or vehicle application.

    The proper Victron Energy parts and accessories ensure that your system is correctly connected and integrated, that it can be safely monitored, or simply that it is effectively protected from any outside damage. There's no doubt that investing in these pieces of equipment is vital.

    Some of the Victron Energy parts and accessories offered by Colorado Standby include cables, DC distribution systems, panels and monitoring, transfer switches, and a range of additional accessories.

    Something like an eyelet connector, a designated carry case, or another of the accessories we carry from Victron may not seem vital at first, but when the time comes that you need these products, they can make your work far simpler.

    Cables are a critical component of any system and are easy to overlook; they keep the power flowing properly between different components ensuring everything functions as intended. Likewise, DC distribution systems are vital for sending power to the necessary destinations, particularly on boats that utilize electric propulsion.

    Victron transfer switches change sensitive loads, such as computers or other modern electronics, to alternate power sources when necessary, and monitoring products give users the ability to track their systems’ work.

    Victron Energy is highly regarded within the industry, but it’s not just batteries, chargers, and the like that they make so well—Victron parts and accessories are equally high quality, and just as integral to the overall success of any application.

    Colorado Standby carries all the Victron Energy parts and accessories you may need; shop our selection today.


These categories offer just a brief overview of the true breadth of what we have to offer. Additionally, we carry a range of accompanying items to enhance the efficacy of each of these categories, like transfer switches, panels, and system monitoring, DC Distribution Systems, Cables, and other accessories. 

When you choose to purchase Victron products from an authorized and trusted Victron Energy distributor, you’re not just investing in innovative items, you’re also ensuring that you receive thoughtful and communicative customer support whenever you need it. 

At Colorado Standby, we provide assistance at every juncture and set-up services to verify that your Victron products function at the highest possible level once your purchase is complete. 

Over the course of the last 45 years, Victron Energy has become a preeminent force in this industry, and we’re proud to bring their varied lineup of products to our customers with the added benefit of our customer service and support expertise; shop our selection of Victron Energy parts and products now to experience this level of superior quality for yourself.