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Victron DC Distribution Systems

Victron DC & Distribution Systems From Colorado Standby

Make sure your independent power source always sends fuel to the right destination with a Victron DC & Distribution System from Colorado Standby!

We are an authorized distributor of Victron Energy Blue Power and are happy to connect our clients with some of the most efficient alternative power solutions on the market! With a DC distribution system in place, you can rest assured power is always sent to the right spot, especially when it comes to boats that use electric propulsion.

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What Are DC Distribution Systems?

The DC (Direct Current) distribution system is a replacement for the AC (Alternating Current) power system used for ships with electric propulsion. It proposes a new way of distributing energy for low-voltage installation for applications usually up to 20 megawatts and operates at a voltage of 1000 V DC.

The dominating type of current used in distribution systems is AC, but DC systems present a lot of benefits for consumers. It’s more efficient, allowing users to save money in energy costs. Such systems also require a lot less space for installing, and the entire electrical system can be installed based on the space at hand, and not based on the placement of the distribution system.

Moreover, electricity is stored more efficiently with a DC system, meaning it can enable the use of high-power appliances as well. When alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, are not providing energy, the DC distributing system can rely on its storage to power the equipment.

Colorado Standby provides top-notch Victron Energy Parts that can enable you to create your alternative energy source. If you’re interested, we’d recommend you get in touch with our engineers for a consultation.

Switch to DC Distribution Systems

Making the home’s energy source more efficient is a top priority for a lot of homeowners, and Colorado Standby is the team that can help you make that happen! Our engineers will provide you with the best guidance on choosing the Victron DC Distribution System that can handle all your needs, and even lend a hand when it comes to installation.

With over 20 years of experience in the alternative electrical power industry, Colorado Standby has the right combination of skill and technical know-how to provide you with the best solutions, as well as access to Victron Energy Blue Power products.

Please call 866-888-6111 to learn more or to purchase your Victron Energy accessories now!

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