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Home Generators

Do You Need a Home Generator? Weather-related natural disasters are on the rise, and while they aren't the only cause for widespread power outages, they are a huge concern. Other threats to your home power include critters damaging power lines, vehicle accidents that knock down poles, or failure on the power grid. Power outages can be unexpected, which is why your home should be protected with a backup generator.

Why Have a Home Generator? When your power goes out, it affects more than the lights. During a widespread power outage caused by an ice storm or heavy snow during frigid winter months, a home generator keeps the heat on, so your family can stay warm and comfortable. During the summer, your air conditioner is vital to keeping you cool in sweltering temperatures. If you have an electric stove and oven, our generators let you maintain your ability to cook. A freezer full of meat can spoil in less than 48 hours without power, but a generator will keep everything frozen and safe to eat. Generators are especially essential if you or a loved one depends on medical devices that require electricity.

How Can Colorado Standby Help? Here at Colorado Standby we provide automatic standby generators to the entire nation. Installation of generators can be tricky for homeowners, but our experienced and certified staff will get the job done right. We handle the process from beginning to end, from helping you pick the generator that is right for you to permitting, full installation, warranty testing, and even preventative maintenance. Contact us today for all your home generator needs!

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28 Item(s)