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Cummins RS20A 20KW Natural Gas and Propane Generator C20N6H - A061C601 Warm Weather

Power loss can happen anywhere to anyone. If you're prepared with a Cummins Onan air cooled generator, you won't have to worry about a thing. These generators produce enough power to keep your household running in the event of a power outage. Whether it's due to severe weather or something as innocent as a squirrel disrupting a power line, a Cummins generator will be there for you. Colorado Standby offers fast and free shipping on all products. Call one of our experienced staff members and find the right generator for your home today! 

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Cummins RS20A 20KW Natural Gas and Propane Generator C20N6H - A061C601 Warm Weather

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  • Cummins RS20A 20KW Natural Gas and Propane Generator C20N6H - A061C601 Warm Weather

    Features and Benefits

    Robust Design – The generator is designed to operate in cold weather with performance down to 0 °F (-18 °C) out of the box. Cold Weather accessories allow for even colder. It is tested and certified per the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards. The generator meets NFPA 37 which allows it to be installed 18 inches from a building. It has a powerful motor starting ability and can easily start and run a 5 ton A/C¹ under full pre-load. 

    Flexible Exercise Modes - Exercise modes can be set for time, date, and frequency that suits the owner. Our patented ‘Crank only’ exercise mode allows the generator to crank the engine and run diagnostics without starting the engine. This reduces wear and tear on the engine, fuel costs, and further reduces the sound of an already quiet generator.

    Intelligent Load Management – The generator can control up to 4 loads and continuously monitors how much power is required independently for each load. It then controls each load for maximum utilization of generator power by only restoring loads the generator has the capacity to run.

    Remote Monitoring - Remote monitoring is built into every generator. Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, an operator can monitor, change exercise modes, and manually run the generator remotely.

    Generator and ATS packaged sets – The RS20AC comes with a 20 kW generator and 200A service entrance rated ATS in one box to make ordering more convenient.