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Kaeser M58U Utility Mount Diesel Air Compressor M58U | Kubota Diesel Engine

The Kaeser M58U Utility Mount Diesel Air Compressor is powered by a Kubota diesel engine has a lightweight package with the Kaeser patent-pending anti-frost control feature.

The Kaeser M58Us’ Kubota 4-cylinder 49-horsepower diesel engine is powerful, reliable, easy to maneuver and complies with Tier 4 emissions standards. It is well suited for many applications including sand-blasting, pavement breaking, & general air tool use. The Kaeser M58U is a versatile portable air compressor for sale that offers heavy-duty performance in a lightweight package.  Adding the M58U to the Mobilair line added a unit that can produce 210 cfm @ 100 psig. This model is configured as a skid-mounted utility model for cross mounting on service vehicles.

Both the double-walled, rotomolded polyethylene canopy & the solid steel floor protects the motor, airend, and critical components from dirt, water & other contaminants. The rugged construction combined with extensive engineering allow the M58U to retain its value year after year. The canopy is also designed to provide extremely low sound levels and the maximum sound level measured at 23 feet is 76 dba.

The M58U also features Kaesers’ patent-pending anti-frost control feature that increases the unit’s efficiency.  The Anti-thermostatically controlled valve automatically controls the compressed air temperature in relation to the current ambient temperature, which protects construction tools from freezing up, increases tool life, & extends compressor fluid life.

The M58U – like all mobilair models – features a larger, slower turning airend to produce 15-20% more air per gallon of fuel than the competition. The M58U’s rotomolded polymer canopy is scratch & dent resistant, and come winter, the model’s exclusive anti-frost valve maintains optimum operating temperature. 

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Kaeser M58U Utility Mount Diesel Air Compressor M58U

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  • Kaeser M58U Utility Mount Diesel Air Compressor M58U

    Contemporary, Compact Design, Fits Easily In The Back Of A Pickup Truck Or Van

    • - Single Stage, Oil Injected Rotary Screw Airend With Power-Saving Proprietary "Sigma Profile"
    • - Heavy-Duty Industrial Kubota 4-Cylinder Tier 4 49-Horsepower Diesel Engine
    • - Uses Diesel Fuel
    • - Large Transparent 28 Gallon Fuel Tank For Extended Run-Time
    • - Compressor & Engine Are Disengaged For Easy Starting, Even In Cold Conditions
    • - Convenient One-Touch Electric Start
    • - Direct Drive Rotary Screw Airend
    • - Control Panel Displays Pressure & Hour Meter
    • - Extremely Low Sound Level
    • - Sound Level Maximum Is 73 dBA @ 23 Feet
    • - Easy Access & Serviceability
    • - 1 Micron, 2-Stage Compressor Inlet Filter With Maintenance Indicator
    • - 10 Micron Engine Air Filter With Maintenance Indicator
    • - Exclusive Anti-Frost Valve Maintains Optimum Operating Temperature & Prevents Tool Freeze-Up
    • - Protective Rotomolded Polymer Canopy Enclosure
    • - Modulation Control
    • - Vibration Isolation For Smooth & Quiet Operation
    • - Light-Weight & Easy To Maneuver
    • - Thermostatically Controlled Combination Valve 
    • - Two Outlets Of 3/4" NPT & One Outlet Of 1" NPT
    • - Highly Efficient Cooling System
    • - Power @ Full Load: 49-Horsepower
    • - Full Load Speed Is 2600 RPM
    • - Off Load Running Speed Is 1800 RPM
    • - Weight: 2248 Lbs. (Empty)
    • - Available In Portable Model Also