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Generators for Sale

Colorado Standby is an authorized reseller of power generators and industrial power equipment. Shop from our selection of world-class brand's, such as Cummins, Taylor, HiPower, Southwest Products, Victron, Magnum, Winco, Wanco, Xantrex, Samlex, Kaeser, and many more!

  • NPS Generator


    NPS Generators are lightweight, compact, and quiet and are perfect for all of your RV onboard needs. The NPS Yamaha Inverter Generator 4500 and NPS 5500 Inverter Generator are the first of their kind to include two unique, user-friendly features on the unit. The first is a pull start built into the unit, simply use the pull start to get the unit back up and running. No more having to jump your Genset in the event of power loss! Second, included in all units is a remote start key fob that can be used for up to a distance of 50 yards. If you want to get power going to the RV remotely, the NPS 5500 Inverter Generator and 4500 Generator make it so you simply grab the key fob and hit the start button!


    The NPS Yamaha Inverter Generator 4500 uses microprocessor control with Proprietary Pure Sine Wave Inverter Technology. Fault, overload, and over-crank protection, this lightweight and compact design generator meets national park requirements with and includes a USDA Forest Service-approved, spark arresting muffler.


    The Yamaha 5500 generator is one of the most well-recognized household generators. Yamaha is providing their robust MZ360KHIP3, an air-cooled 4-stoke OHV engine offering 10.4 Net Max HP at 3600 RPM.

    Not looking for an NPS generator? Don’t worry, we offer Cummins Onan RV Generators, HiPower Systems Generators,  and Winco Generators. 

    *NPS generators are only available for commercial and RV repower applications

  • Neovolta

    NeoVolta Battery Storage

    Store the solar energy you produce during the day and use it at night, protecting you from blackouts and utility rate hikes.

  • AKSA Generators

    AKSA Generators

    Aksa Power Generation manufactures gasoline, diesel, natural gas and marine generating sets, lighting towers and generating sets hardware. Aksa is one of the biggest generating sets manufacturer of the world with its continuous investments.

  • Arrow Wellhead Generators

    Prime Rated Natural Gas, Propane, Wellhead Gas, and Pipeline Generators

    Arrow Engine Company is an industry leader in heavy-duty power generation equipment and with increasing demand for cheaper and cleaner burning fuel more companies are turning to natural gas generators for their power generation needs. This type of fuel burns cleaner than standard diesel and is well suited for remote areas where a continuous supply of natural gas is readily available.

    Arrow natural gas generator sets feature a wide assortment of factory options that enable you to customize your generator to match your requirements, including emissions equipment to assist you with environmental and regulatory compliance. Arrow Generator Sets are designed to operate on a wide range of fuels, including natural gas, well-head gas, pipeline gas and propane, while providing maximum fuel efficiency along with low life-cycle costs. Please call us for our full line of 5 to 150kW genset offerings.

  • Briggs & Stratton Residential Standby Generators

    Briggs & Stratton Generators For Sale 

    Since 1908, Briggs & Stratton has been providing innovation in outdoor power equipment. In more than 100 countries around the globe Briggs & Stratton is a leader in residential and commercial power generation, property maintenance, and job site equipment. With ten brands of products including Briggs & Stratton®, Vanguard™, Snapper®, Simplicity®, Ferris®, Allmand®, Murray®, Victa®, Billy Goat®, and Branco® Briggs & Stratton has the equipment you need to get the job done right.

    Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators for Sale

    Keep the lights and climate controls on with Briggs & Stratton permanent standby generators. Ranging from 8,000 to 60,000 watts, these gas and propane standby generators connect directly to your home's fuel source. Automatic transfer switches and a limited four year warranty provide ease of use and peace of mind.  When your power fails you, look to these generators to deliver everything from the basics of light and water to all the powered amenities of home.

  • Champion Power Equipment

    Champion Power Equipment

    Champion Power Equipment is a market leader in power generation equipment. Champion has years of experience providing dependable and durable power products designed and engineered in the US for the North American and world markets. For home, work or play, Champion products are the standard of performance excellence. We make the power that makes your life easier.

  • CK Power Power Pak Gen Sets

    Engine and Generator Power

    CK Power is your complete source for engine and generator power and is the exclusive distributor for John Deere, Volvo Penta, Kubota and Wisconsin Continental engines in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain region, and Kohler Generators in the Midwest region. As such, CK Power is able to meet many engine and generator power needs with certified units from quality manufacturers you know and trust, including low profile unitsopen power packs, and prime power generators. CK Power has even developed a line of generator sets which include a sound reduction enclosure.

  • Cummins Onan RV and Commercial Mobile Generators

    Cummins Onan Generators

    Cummins Power generation provides dependable solutions for all your power needs. Cummins Onan has been in business since 1920, and its comprehensive line of products can be found in recreational vehicle, marine, commercial mobile, residential standby and portable applications. In addition to a strong heritage of quality, Cummins is also committed to providing products that minimize their impact on the environment, offering quiet, reliable power when you need it. When you are out on the road traveling in your recreational vehicle, you need a powerful, safe, quiet source of reliable power. If you're looking for an RV generators for sale, Cummins Onan RV generators will provide you with a consistent power source to keep the lights on, keep things running smoothly, and keep everyone safe. If you utilize commercial mobile generators for your business, your livelihood depends on having power on the move so that you can keep your business running smoothly, even when the power goes out. Cummins Onan commercial mobile generators offer maximum power while requiring minimal space. These generators have been helping businesses prosper for decades, because business owners know they can rely on these powerhouses when the going gets tough. Designed for rugged applications and conditions including fire and emergency trucks, utility and telecom fleets and other specialty vehicles, Cummins Onan generators provide dependable power and performance when it really matters.

    We also install Cummins Onan RV and Commercial Mobile Generators! Visit our RV Generator Installation Page to learn more!

  • Cummins Portable Generators

    Cummins Portable Generators

    Power That's Portable.

    At Colorado Standby we understand that sometimes you need power on the go or you may need temporary power at a location that doesn't have it buit in. Cummins new advanced inverter and dual-fuel portable chargers ensure that you can have power when and where you need it. If these don't meet your needs take a look at our product selection and we will have a power solution for you or talk with one of our service professionals and they will give you the answers you need!

  • Cummins Power Generation Residential and Commercial Standby Generators

    Cummins Power Generation

    Cummins standby generators offer you dependable solutions for all your power needs. Cummins Onan has been helping people and businesses since 1920, with a comprehensive line of products that can be found in residential, commercial mobile, residential standby, and portable applications. Cummings Onan RV Generators will be there for you when you’re out camping with your friends and family. In addition to a strong heritage of quality, Cummins is committed to quality and provides their customers with products that offer quiet, reliable power when you need it, with minimal impact on the environment. The Cummins Diesel Generators will keep your home environment livable for nearly two days before needing refueling from your provider. Cummins standby generators and the Cummins Power generation residential and light commercial standby generators offer reliable power in an unreliable world. Having a home generator means never worrying about being left in the dark when the lights go out. 

    A Cummins home generator means no matter what’s going on around you, comfort, security, and convenience are things you can count on. When storms, floods, accidents, or construction knocks out your power, a home generator from Cummins will keep your family safe. With a Cummins home generator, you’ll never be powerless. If your home is in an area where grid power is unreliable, a residential generator gives you the ability to switch between grid and generator power without suffering any downtime. This can mean the difference between life and death for the elderly, handicapped, or those in need of medical equipment such as dialysis or oxygen machines. Having a Cummins home generator means you can have peace of mind that your loved ones are always protected. Going camping? Check out our inventory of RV diesel generators for sale!

  • Cummins Towable Diesel Generators

    Cummins Towable Diesel Generators

    This Cummins® Rental package is a fully integrated mobile power generation system, providing optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for Standby and Prime Power applications.

    { "@context": "http://schema.org/", "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "CSB 600kW Cummins Diesel Generator Installation by Colorado Standby", "contentUrl": "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srz7oKbRs7k", "duration": "PT00H00M22S", "thumbnailUrl": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/srz7oKbRs7k/hqdefault.jpg?sqp\u003d-oaymwEWCKgBEF5IWvKriqkDCQgBFQAAiEIYAQ", "embedUrl": "https://www.youtube.com/embed/srz7oKbRs7k", "playertype": "HTML5 Flash", "width": "1280", "height": "720", "genre":"Science & Technology", "uploadDate": "2016-07-13", "description": "The Colorado Standby generator installation team installs a 600kW Cummins diesel generator complete with a 150kVA UPS system as a durable backup power solution for eviCore, a 600-person medical call center in Colorado Springs, Colorado." }

  • DEUTZ Power Solutions

    DEUTZ Power Solutions

    The engine company.

    Find the DEUTZ complete power generator set you need at Colorado Standby. DEUTZ manufactures & tests each set, ensuring the level quality, reliability, and performance which customers have come to expect. View the DEUTZ  diesel prime generators here.

  • DEWALT Portable Generators

    DEWALT Portable Generators

    Millions of professionals choose DEWALT for their focus on innovation, technology, and performance. 

  • Doosan Generators and Light Towers

    Doosan Equipment Dealers

    Based in Statesville, NC, Doosan Portable Power continues to be driven by innovation in machine applications and service. Over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and quality service has equipped us to deliver you reliable, productive, and powerful solutions. Contact us today with any questions about our products, or stay up to date with Doosan Portable Power's company news. Our dual fuel liquid petroleum and natural gas towable generators run the power range from 162 kVA (130 kW) up to 296 kVA (237 kW) with prime power ratings from 46 kVA 192x2A up to 76 kVA 91A. These Doosan natural gas mobile generators come with our patent pending Onboard Scrubbing System, MasterTrak Telematics monitoring systems, and specialized air and oil features. These generators offer some of the best in versatility, ease-of-use, and reliability. Our powerful large generators range from 145 kVA (115 kW) up to 570 kVA (456 kW) with on-board fuel run times from 19 to 43 hours. With sound levels starting at 67 dB(A), connection panels offering a range of functionality, diagnostic and monitoring displays, and rugged construction these generators are your tool for any job site. Our small and medium generators run from our 130 inch long 25 kVA (20 kW) model to our 165 inch 76 kVA (61 kW) model. On-board fuel run times ranging from 24 to 39.2 hours, sound levels as low as 63 dB(A), and dual-frequency 50Hz/60Hz capability make these generators an excellent versatile choice. We offer light towers with 6 kW, 8 kW, and 20 kW alternators powered by Kubota and Isuzu engines. Maximum-light run times range from 52 to 70 hours with an optional upgrade to 133 hours on the L20WIZ model. Supplementary power receptacles on the units range from 120V 15A DUPLEX to 240V 50A Twistlock each protected on individual circuits and breakers.

  • Generac Mobile Products

    Generac Mobile Products

    Get a reliable generator that will power your site. Magnum's towable generators give you power no matter what. Just select your power supply of up to 2MW. The generators are mobile and diesel-powered so you can have a strong, mobile power source wherever your work takes you.

    Our supply of Magnum light towers will also keep your worksite safely illuminated. The towers use LEDs for a powerful beam of light that stays steady during extended run times. Not only do good lights keep your property safe and easy to work at, they can help you comply with OSHA requirements. The light towers are durable, easy to operate, and mobile.

    If you're looking for both mobile generators and strong light towers, get a combination generator. These power units give you a generator, 4000 watts of light, and a water trailer. They're the perfect solution for remote worksites when you need to be able to rely on your resources.

    Whether you need your mobile generators for an emergency or to prepare for winter, you'll get your equipment quickly. Colorado Standby has free shipping and keeps Magnum power products in stock. Click the products for details and place your order for free delivery.

  • Gillette Generators

    Gillette Generators

    Dependable Standby and Prime Generators (gas and diesel tier 4 final) for agriculture, poultry, and industrial/commercial markets.

  • HiPower Systems Generators

    HiPower Systems Generators

    HIPOWER SYSTEMS understands the reliable, cost-effective power-generation solutions your projects require and the demanding conditions of your field locations.

    In short, they understand you.

    Founded in 1982 as HIMOINSA®, HiPower set out to offer power generation solutions capable of satisfying continuous, clean, and efficient energy supply needs for customers in southeast Spain and the surrounding area. By providing world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to customers, they expanded their presence to more than 100 countries across five continents.

    Today, as U.S. based HIPOWER SYSTEMS, they are the principal supplier of power distribution and prime, standalone power generation equipment and packages to the U.S. and Canadian markets. They work non-stop to ensure end-users reap the most possible benefit from their equipment and expertise. They serve Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors.  

    They serve you.

    Or, rather, they would like the opportunity to serve you. Check out their generators and power generation packages detailed herein. You will be glad that you did. Call us today to learn more about HiPower Systems Generators!

  • Kaeser Compressors

    Kaeser Compressors

    Kaeser Compressors are known for their built for a lifetime™ reliability as well as their low life-cycle costs.  These energy efficient compressors are appropriate for use in multiple environments, including (but not limited to) workshops, industrial plants, mines and refineries.  They are made in a maintenance-friendly design with fewer wearing parts and because they are built with premium quality materials, they have a rugged reliability that can be depended upon. As an added assurance, no matter where you are, Kaiser’s service network will keep you operational.

    • Cost Saving Energy Efficiency
    • Maintenance-Friendly 
    • High Quality Materials

  • Kohler Power Residential Commercial, Industrial and Towable Generators

    Kohler Generator Dealers

    During a power outage, Kohler generators provide immediate and long-term power to your home or business. When John Michael Kohler founded his company in 1873, he had no way of knowing the positive impact his powerful products would have on people for generations to come. In 2005, Kohler acquired SDMO and created one of the world's largest industrial generator manufacturers, with over 800 locations worldwide. Today, Kohler offers generators in multiple categories including residential, commercial, industrial, marine, and towable models.

    Many homeowners install a standby home generator to keep their power on during an outage. A residential generator is installed outside your house like an air conditioning unit and turns on automatically within seconds of a power outage, whether you’re at home or away from home. These generators can help protect your family, your home, and your belongings no matter what the weather is doing. Because home generators run on propane or natural gas, there’s no refueling to worry about. A dependable residential generator from Kohler can mean the difference between life and death for the elderly, those in need of medical equipment such as dialysis or oxygen machines, and young children. A Kohler home generator offers peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are always protected.

    Kohler generators can help protect your business, too. In addition to propane and natural gas generators, Kohler provides air cooled, liquid cooled, and diesel generators of various sizes and capacities. A standby commercial generator keeps your power on and your business open during an outage.

  • Kubota Diesel Generators

    Kubota Diesel Generators

    Kubota Diesel Generators Trustworthy, Efficient, Eco-friendly

    If you need a reliable backup power source for your home, Kubota diesel generators provide years of trustworthy service. Kubota diesel generators are renowned for ease of use, reliability and simplicity.

    What Kubota Generator is Right for Me?

    If you're living off-grid or in an area where the power grid is unreliable a home generator is a must-have item. If you experience frequent blackouts or simply want to know that you have an alternative ready, a generator can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. Colorado Standby carries a wide line of Kubota Diesel Generators with 7,000 kilowatt to 14,000 kilowatt capability. Kubota's economical diesel engines provide durability, economical operation, low maintenance operation and are environmentally friendly. Kubota Lowboy II Generators have a more compact design than comparable generators from other manufacturers. Kubota's legendary attention to detail ensures a reliable and durable generator that will last you for years and is backed by a 2 year / 2,000-hour warranty, whichever comes first. All Kubota Diesel Generators have low noise and vibration, but the Lowboy II series further reduces noise and vibration with an extra-large silencer and idling control switch. Large swing-up side panels provide fast and easy access to the engine for inspection and maintenance, and a starting battery comes with these generators. Need to take your generator out in the field? The Kubota Lowboy II series also comes in mobile versions, so you can haul your generator to the campground, job site or wherever else you need a trustworthy, efficient power source. Colorado Standby, your best source for emergency power, and Kubota provide a winning combination for reliable, efficient and eco-friendly power generation. Contact us today for all your emergency and mobile power needs.

  • Lets Go Aero

    GearDeck 17 Cargo Box

    This 17 cubic foot hitch storage box is ideal for hauling both travel gear and utility equipment including generators. Built upon Let's Go AERO's GMC Award Winning TwinTube® slide out platform, this system is strong, balanced, and slides out for rear car and RV access.

  • MQ Power Multiquip Generators and Light Towers

    MQ Power Multiquip Generators and Light Towers

    Multiquip is unmatched with a first-class line of generators fit for every application. MQ Power is the brand you can rely on when you need dependable power.

    We sell the entire line of MQ Power Generation and Light Tower products. Please contact us at 866-888-6111 for pricing and availability.

  • Power Tech Generators

    Power Tech Generators

    Not all generators are created equal.

    Power Tech specializes in custom generators for your mobile application. 

  • Relion Batteries

    RELiON Batteries

    RELiON's Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are designed to outperform traditional lead-acid batteries on the road, on the water, or off the grid. Enjoy the freedom that comes with having more usable energy in a lightweight, no-maintenance package that’s safe, reliable, and worry-free.

  • RV Solar Kits

    RV Solar Panel Kits & Systems

    Colorado Standby offers the best RV Solar Kits (RV Solar Panel Kits) for RVs, campers, vans, tiny homes, food trucks, and more! These solar kits include portable solar panels for RV, flexible solar panels for RV, roof-mounted solar kits, Zamp Solar off-grid solar solutions, and the following custom kits:

    Battery Kits

    Our battery kits are available in two forms: AGM and Lithium batteries. We provide Lithium LifeP04 batteries that maintain output voltage, charge faster, are lightweight, and are very handy. Our RV solar panel kits also include AGM batteries that are maintenance-free and allow for deeper discharge thanks to their thick lead plates.

    Colorado Standby prioritizes AMP capacity, which is why we offer 6-volt and 12-volt deep-cycle batteries. Wondering which is the best option for your RV? Contact us.

    Solar Charging Kits

    Did you know you can recharge any rechargeable battery with our solar battery charging kits? This is a huge asset for clients who are into boondocking. Not only do you help to save the planet from fossil-fuels associated with generators, but the portability of our RV solar panel charging kit also makes it easy to transport.

    Alternator Charging Kit

    A core part of Colorado Standby’s RV solar system operation is the alternator charging kit fitted with useful features such as the “option boost” that allows your panel batteries to start the ignition when the main starter battery dies. It is perfect for skoolies and van conversions.

    Inverter Charger Kits

    The inverter-charger kits’ primary function in the RV solar system is to generate power from a battery bank. We ensure that the solar inverter/charger kit we provide has a hybrid function that simultaneously allows current to be pulled from the battery bank and shore power.

    This comes in handy when you want to power large appliances such as air conditioners, deep freezers, and the likes on your recreational vehicle.

    Monitoring Kits

    At Colorado Standby, we believe it is essential to monitor your RV solar system, which is why we have developed a branded RV solar monitoring kit that informs you of your RV solar kit performance. Information such as energy usage, energy generation, and consumption, error alerts are readily available with the help of the RV monitoring kit.

    Some of our monitoring systems allow users access to system data without an internet connection. You can cover all your bases and check how your RV solar panels are operating.

    Please call 866-888-6111 to learn more or to purchase your RV solar kit now!

  • Samlex America

    Samlex is your complete source for commercial, industrial and consumer power conversion products.

    Innovative product design, strict quality control, as well as responsible before and after sales service provide customers with superior power conversion products at extremely competitive prices. 

  • Southwest Products

    Southwest Products Diesel Generators for Sale 

    Southwest Products offers several complete series of tough, long-running generators designed for just about any work site or harsh climate. Built to consistently perform in applications where dependability and reliable power are critical, these easy-to-maintain units have longer lifespans and come standard with low-emissions diesel engine options than your average commercial generators. Whether you need standby power for your business, or towable generators for a remote site or large event, SWP’s commercial generators consistently come through for your business.

  • Subaru Portable Generators

    Subaru has over 40 years of experience in industry-leading generator technology and state-of-the-art engines to ensure the ultimate level of performance and reliability. Every machine is built with the highest-grade materials so it will withstand the most rigorous applications and pass every test of time.

    Subaru portable generators include features the professionals demand and the discerning customers require. If your application requires clean power or quiet operation, Subaru offers a series of inverter generators to choose from. All Subaru portable generators are EPA and CARB compliant and are backed by a 5-year limited warranty regardless of application.

  • Taylor Power Systems

    Taylor Power Systems Prime Generators

    If your growing operation is based in a remote location, a diesel generator or solar generator for your grow room may be your primary source of power. As such, your power systems need to be reliable and deliver the level of energy needed when and where you need it. From trailer mounted generators to temperature-controlled generators, we have what you need if your agricultural grow operation depends on generated electricity. We are Taylor power systems dealers for industrial natural gas generators and more. Contact us today for more information.

  • Vanair Mobile Power Solutions

    Vanair Mobile Power Solutions

    Vanair has been providing best-in-class product offerings and the most comprehensive line of Mobile Power Solutions in the industry for over 44 years. The company started out as a division of Sullair Corporation, becoming Sullair PTO because of an idea to integrate a tow behind rotary screw compressor onto a truck vehicle’s frame. This utilized the truck's own engine to drive the compressor via the power-take-off (PTO), eliminating the need for a separate engine-driven tow behind compressor - freeing up the vehicle's hitch, saving weight, increasing valuable bed space, reducing maintenance and insurance costs and increasing mobility.

    Vanair's products now include a wide variety of air compressors, generators, welders, battery boosters, battery chargers, and engine starters.

  • Victron Energy

    Victron Energy Blue Power Distributor

    At Colorado Standby, we’re committed to providing the best possible products in conjunction with the highest level of service. As an authorized Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, we can get you all of the best products, all while offering the best in customer service.

    For decades Victron has asserted their expertise in the industry, which is why so many view them as the premier manufacturer of batteries, chargers, converters, and the like. This Dutch company develops high-end products that allow for an unparalleled level of integration and ease, regardless of whether your application is marine, off-grid, or for your vehicle.

    As a Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, Colorado Standby offers a wide selection of Victron products in a range of subcategories, including:

    • Batteries, Isolators and Combiners, and Monitors
    • Chargers and Converters, Autotransformers, Inverters/Chargers, and Isolation Transformers
    • Solar, Cables, Inverters, Controllers, and All-In-One Packages

    These categories offer just a brief overview of the true breadth of what we have to offer. Additionally, we carry a range of accompanying items to enhance the efficacy of each of these categories, like transfer switches, panels, and system monitoring, DC Distribution Systems, Cables, and other accessories.

    When you choose to purchase Victron products from an authorized and trusted Victron Energy distributor, you’re not just investing in innovative items, you’re also ensuring that you receive thoughtful and communicative customer support whenever you need it.

    At Colorado Standby, we provide assistance at every juncture and set-up services to verify that your Victron products function at the highest possible level once your purchase is complete.

    Over the course of the last 45 years, Victron Energy has become a preeminent force in this industry, and we’re proud to bring their varied lineup of products to our customers with the added benefit of our customer service and support expertise; shop our selection of Victron Energy parts and products now to experience this level of superior quality for yourself.