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Generac Mobile Heaters

Generac Mobile Heaters

Flameless, Indirect Flame and Hydronic Heaters from 400,000 to 4,200,000 BTUs

Designed to optimally perform in the most extreme cold weather environments, our flameless, hydronic, and indirect fired heaters can be trusted to keep your worksite warm and operational.

Generac works hard to provide customers with dependable, heavy-duty options that can be used in places where an open flame could pose a potential hazard. Protective alarms and innovative mechanisms also help to ensure the safe operation of each unit. If you're searching for a secure heating solution for your desired location, look for no other name than Generac Mobile.

  • Flameless Heaters

    Generac Flameless Heaters

    Generac has developed revolutionary flameless heater technology that has changed the industry forever. Their new flameless design is the most EFFICIENT and has the HIGHEST output of heated air on the market. Flameless heaters can operate in areas that are not suitable for direct or indirect heaters. Most commonly requested for oil and gas sites. These models are available in either trailer mounted or skid mounted versions.

  • Indirect Fired Heaters

    Generac Indirect Fired Heaters

    Manufactured in North Dakota, Generac Mobile Heaters are designed for the cold. The indirect heaters can run on diesel, propane, or natural gas and some have dual-fuel options.

  • Hydronic Surface Heaters

    Generac Hydronic Surface Heaters

    The MAC 6000 is completely self-contained and offers 86% heat efficiency, the highest in the industry. The low pressure system protects operators in the event a hose is punctured. The unique mixing system provides a consistent outlet temperature and max flow rate in the market today. Generac Mobile Heaters are built with the latest in burner, fuel flow, and airflow technology to stand up to the most extreme cold weather environments.