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HiPower Prime Wellhead & Natural Gas Generators

HiPower Prime Wellhead & Natural Gas Generators

Built with the highest-quality standards to increase longevity and reduce maintenance and service calls, HiPower’s portable prime wellhead & natural gas generators are in demand for urban operations and industrial sites.

Natural gas engines are preferred, and often mandated, in many urban environments. HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ rigorously tested and calibrated portable natural gas & prime wellhead generators meet or exceed all applicable codes in urban settings. When installed in tandem with existing pipelines, they offer greater fuel availability in all conditions and enable efficient, clean fuel delivery, eliminating the need for delivery tankers and large storage tanks.

For industrial sites that are or may soon be under regulatory scrutiny, using HIPOWER SYSTEMS’ energy efficient, sound attenuated, totally enclosed and bounded portable generators gives operators a decided advantage in meeting safety and operating regulations. These award-winning gensets also help to maximize investment, as they can be attached to a trailer or truck, and even hoisted or winched to multiple locations as power needs arise.

Beyond the quality of its products, HIPOWER SYSTEMS has developed advanced processes and enhanced programs to help owners ensure their equipment is safe, properly maintained and as user-friendly as possible. These services include comprehensive training programs and maintenance services, including an option to have a dedicated support team fly onsite to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

To learn more about the features and characteristics of our HiPower prime wellhead & natural gas generators, we invite you to visit the individual product pages below.