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Get ready for those family and personal adventures powered by our Victron RV solar inverters! The bulk of appliances in your RV are designed to be powered by a generator or solar energy stored in batteries. We provide the best RV solar inverter kits to power your equipment for a pleasant vacation experience. We go the extra mile with a mix of our portable Victron Multiplus Compact RV solar power inverters and Zamp chargers

Equipment such as refrigerators, microwaves, and laptops are some of the essential electronic devices that you need running 24/7. With our powerful RV solar inverter kits, they can run more efficiently during your road trips. Included in our kits are the Victron MultiPlus, available in 2 kVA and 3 KVA models, serving as an all-in-one option for all your electrical needs.

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What are inverters/chargers?

Are you planning your first camping or road trip with your new RV? It can be confusing reading up on all the essentials you need to have a successful, fun trip.

Here’s all you need to know: Inverters convert direct current power from batteries and supply alternating current to power your appliances and other energy needs. However, inverters also serve as chargers for your batteries. This two-way exchange is essential for safely storing solar energy absorbed by the inverter.

Hybrid inverter-chargers like our Victron MultiPlus RV solar inverter kit allows multiple sources, including the grid or generators, to charge batteries. On cloudy days, an inverter acts as your cover if your utility power fails with a steady supply of reliable power.

How Do We Get RV Solar Panel Installation?

Colorado Standby also specializes in state-of-the-art RV solar panel installation and is a top-notch provider of RV solar power inverter kits. Do you need custom solar panel installation for your trailer, camper, recreation vehicle, or van? Our engineers are ready to build custom power systems for clients in the Colorado region.

We boast 20 years of experience fitting powers systems on RVs and different off-grid applications. You can trust our technicians to deliver robust solar power solutions that are not only emission-free but worry-free.

Are you a proud Coloradan looking to take a road trip with your RV to explore the countryside or go camping with the family? Colorado Standby is on standby for all your RV solar inverter needs. Contact us today!

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2 Item(s)