Low-Profile RV Solar Kits

Low-Profile RV Solar Kits from Colorado Standby

Take control of your energy independence with solar energy! Power your RV and cut back on your reliance on the general grid.

At Colorado Standby, we offer the best deals on low-profile solar RV roof-mounted kits including the Obsidian Series solar modules (panels) from Zamp Solar. These roof-mounted kits are perfect for DIY or you can hire our technicians to take over the installation process for you.

Colorado Standby’s low-profile solar panel kits are durable and efficiently convert sunlight energy thanks to an integrated hardware and minimalistic design that focuses on storing as much energy as possible.

Residents of Colorado Springs can cash in on our amazing deals by simply visiting our RV solar installation department for more info. Our stock ranges from 100W - 600W low-profile kits.

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What is a low-profile solar panel kit?

A low-profile solar kit serves as an alternative to the typical bulky rack-mounted solar panels. In our kits, we use the Zamp Solar Panel Roof Mounting Hardware that can power buildings, boats, and everything in between. The low-profile solar kit is designed to charge battery banks and even 12-watt batteries. It also has proper mechanisms in place to protect against animal infestation, dirt, and leaks.

We recommend hiring our engineers to help with the installation as DIY might lead to damages that will affect the warranty.

They are built to last up to 30 years and contain digital charge controllers that preserve your battery and panels. Other features include anti-reflective coating and solar cells that extend your battery life up to 3x the standard duration.

RV Solar Panel Installation

Whether it is a little or big system, it is clear that taking advantage of the massive amounts of energy the sun has to offer is a smart decision for every RV owner. If you enjoy camping trips or love spending weekends off the grid, it’s only smart to do in a low-maintenance and stress-free way, that is why you need proper solid panels installed for your recreational vehicle.

Are you interested in installing an RV solar panel for your vehicle? Colorado Standby now offers RV solar panel installation & kits. Built for your RV, camper, trailer, or van, Colorado Standby can help with your solar needs.

With over 20 years of providing custom power systems for RVs and other off-grid applications, our team of certified engineers and technicians are prepared to develop a solar power solution just for you that is emissions-free, sound-free, and worry-free. We also have do-it-yourself kits in stock and ready to ship! Browse our online catalog or contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable reps today!

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6 Item(s)