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Victron Chargers & Converters

Victron Chargers & Converters

While batteries are certainly important for many applications, they can become useless without the right tools to keep them functioning properly. Chargers and converters are vital to the performance of any battery system, and Victron Chargers and Converters are an ideal solution for those seeking high-quality products.

Having built a global reputation for excellence, Victron produces top-tier items in every possible category which include chargers and converters. Victron aims to serve off-grid, vehicle, and marine markets, so no matter what application has you seeking a charger or inverter, Victron likely has an ideal solution.

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Victron Chargers:

Even batteries with incredibly long power reserves will need to charge eventually, and when that happens, Victron has the tools to help. Colorado Standby carries a range of Victron Charger lines, including Blue Smart, Phoenix, Skylla-i, Skylla-TG, and Centaur Chargers.

These chargers are designed for 12-volt, 24-volt, and even 48-volt batteries, meaning you can customize your selection to your precise needs, whether that is charging the battery of an electric vehicle, or maintain enough power storage to keep your home off-grid.

Victron Converters:

Victron is an industry leader in hybrid and stackable inverter-chargers, so some solutions can be purchased together. This means that certain systems will charge while performing their conversion functions. In any case, a converter is necessary for ensuring that power can be properly received by the intended system.

For example, Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters from Victron use synchronous rectification to maximize load efficiency. Colorado Standby offers stackable inverter/charger combinations, as well as standalone systems, so you have a high degree of control over your precise specifications.

No matter what sort of battery system or application you use, high-quality chargers and converters are vital—browse our selection of Victron chargers and converters today.