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Victron Energy & Phoenix Chargers

Chargers are a vital component of any off-grid, mobile, or marine application, and Colorado Standby is happy to offer a range of Victron Energy Chargers for the simple reason that they are some of the most advanced chargers in the industry. Customers have five different Victron chargers to choose from when making their selection: Blue Smart Chargers, Phoenix Chargers, Skylla-i Chargers, Skylla-TG Chargers, and Centaur Chargers. Each offering has its own unique benefits, so professionals and individual consumers alike should take their time and conduct all the necessary research in selecting the ideal charger for their situation.

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  • Blue Smart Chargers

    Victron Energy Blue Smart Chargers

    Victron Energy is one of the most important players in the entire industry, with products that are perfectly tailored to all the needs of a good, reliable off-grid system.

    No matter your reasons for having such a system, you cannot go wrong with Victron Energy Blue Smart Chargers, which enable you to charge your batteries stress and worry-free. As an official distributor of the brand, Colorado Standby is able to offer you a variety of different Victron Energy accessories, chargers included.

    Here’s everything you need to know about Victron Energy Blue Smart Chargers.

    Blue Smart Chargers Main Characteristics

    The Smart Charges are professional battery charges that are perfect for a variety of different applications such as home systems, cars, RVs, or even motorcycles.

    Some main features include:

    • Ultra-high efficiency - these chargers can generate up to four times less heat compared to industry-standard chargers. Once the battery is full, power consumption is automatically reduced to 0.5 Watt, making the charger more environmentally friendly than other models on the market;
    • High durability and safety - the chargers offer protection against overheating as the output current reduces as temperatures reach 60°C. Additionally, it comes with low thermal stress on the electronic components;
    • Charging compensated for temperatures - the devices measure ambient temperatures during the testing phase, and again when the charger is in low current mode, meaning you do not need additional settings for cold or hot environments;
    • Adaptive battery management - a system that limits corrosion by reducing absorption time whenever possible, such as when charging a battery that is already fully charged;
    • Integrated storage mode - if the battery remains connected to the charger for more than 48 hours, the charge voltage is automatically reduced and put into storage mode.

    Benefits of the Victron Energy Blue Smart Chargers

    Victron Energy Blue Smart Chargers enable users to reliable charging for their off-grid system and come with additional benefits such as:

    • Wireless Bluetooth control through VictronConnect
    • The charger can also be used as a power supply if needed.
    • Extensive protective features are incorporated to protect the battery lifespan.
    • The chargers can show if the nodes are placed in reverse polarity.

    With the Victron Energy Blue Smart Chargers, you simply get the best charger on the market that can ensure your system runs safely at maximum capacity.

    If you’re interested in purchasing one of these chargers or have more questions about the Victron Energy Accessories, call us at 866-888-6111 now.

  • Skylla-i Chargers

    Victron Energy Skylla-I Chargers

    Chargers are a key component of any off-grid system, and as an authorized Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, Colorado Standby can put you in direct contact with some of the best products on the market today.

    Products like the Victron Energy Skylla-I Chargers, a powerful modern battery charger that is perfectly equipped to last even in adverse environments such as high heat, high humidity, or salty air. This is an amazing option both for professionals and individual consumers when it comes to a reliable, long-lasting battery charger.

    Skylla-I Chargers Benefits and Uses

    Victron Energy never cuts any corners when it comes to quality and performance, and that much remains true for their impressive line of chargers as well. The Skylla-i charger provides the right amount of charge for lead-acid batteries, having a variable absorption time, and a BatterySafe mode which helps prevent damage caused by excessive gassing.

    Some key features and benefits of the chargers include:

    • Has a Storage mode that requires less maintenance and delays aging when the battery is not in use;
    • Is smaller and lighter when compared to similar models;
    • Has remote control;
    • Users can set a maximum short power;
    • Allows several charges to be synchronised with the CAN bus interface;
    • Has an integrated battery temperature sensor which makes the charge voltage automatically decrease when the battery temperature increases;
    • Can be successfully used as a power supply if you do not have other batteries or large buffer capacitors

    How They Can Support the Power System

    The Victron Energy Skylla-I battery charger has a control panel that enables remote control and monitoring of the charging process. Users can monitor performance straight from the LED status indication, as well as make current adjustments if they need to limit the input current and power drawn from the AC supply.

    This feature is especially useful if the charger operates from a limited shore power of smaller gensets. Through the panel, users can also easily modify battery charging options and connect several control panels to one changer.

    This technologically advanced charger is a direct reflection of Victron Energy’s push for constant innovation. The Victron Energy Skylla-I Charger will ensure you meet your charging requirements even in less-than-ideal environmental condition, while still performing at maximum efficiency, every time.

    If you’re interested in purchasing a Victron Energy Skylla-I Charger or want to learn more about other Victron Energy accessories, please call the Colorado Standby team at 866-888-6111.

  • Skylla-TG Chargers

    Victron Energy Skylla-Tg Chargers

    Victron Energy is the premier manufacturer of intelligent chargers and other accessories on the market today. With them, you are getting a great combination of quality and reliability, every time.

    And Colorado Standby is proud to be an authorized Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, enabling our customers to easily access the extensive catalog of products the brand has to offer. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line charger to empower your system, the Victron Energy Skylla-TG Chargers line is a very good place to start.

    What Are Victron Skylla-TG Chargers?

    Victron Energy’s Skylla-TG charger line comes with one full-rated output and one 4 AMP output. The charge voltage is adjustable so that it can benefit any type of battery system. It is well suited both for professional and personal needs.

    The input for the charger is set at 230V at 50/60HZ. You can measure the charge voltage directly on the battery terminal to compensate for any voltage loss caused by cable resistance. Additionally, the chargers come with external sensors that will measure the battery temperatures and adjust charge voltage.

    One feature, in particular, that many find useful is the Battery Alarm. Battery temperatures that reach very high or very low points can cause damage to the battery and even the energy system. When this happens, the charger emits an audible and visual alarm notifying the user of the drastic change in temperatures.

    Major Benefits of the Chargers

    If you opt for a Victron Energy’s Skylla-TG charger, you are receiving one of the best products on the market, and not just when it comes to battery charging.

    Victron Energy routinely adds extra features to their products to allow them to deliver enhanced performances, such as:

    • A remote on and off switch
    • Skylla Control, a panel that allows you to alter the charge current and view system status
    • BMV-700 Battery Monitor with advanced microprocessor control systems, and high-resolution measuring systems
    • Controlled charging features
    • Acting as a power supply, if needed
    • Automatic temperature compensation features
    • Battery voltage sensors, etc.

    Victron Energy’s Skylla-TG Chargers will completely change the way you view these systems. Your batteries will be safely charged, allowing your systems to operate at maximum capacity without requiring your hands-on involvement.

    Want to learn more about Victron Energy’s Skylla-TG Chargers or Victron Energy accessories in general? Then reach out to the Colorado Standby team by calling 866-888-6111 and let’s see how we can help.

  • Centaur Chargers

    Victron Energy Centaur Chargers

    With Victron Energy Chargers, homeowners, boating enthusiasts, electric car lovers, and other professionals in other industries can address their battery-charging needs with high-tech systems that ensure their safety and security.

    Victron Energy Centaur Chargers is a line that overcomes expectations, and you can find some of their best chargers and other accessories right here at Colorado Standby, an authorized distributor of Victron Energy Blue Power.

    What Are Victron Centaur Chargers?

    Centaur is a range of Victron Energy chargers that feature auto-ranging input covering 90-265VAC 50/60Hz input, which means they can virtually be used anywhere in the world! Unlike other products that may state they offer universal input; the Centaur line has the ability to maintain full output power within the entire specified line.

    In addition, the Victron Energy Centaur Chargers come with plenty of high-tech features meant to boost performance, such as:

    • Fully automatic three stage charge - ensures batteries are fully charged each time.
    • Three isolated charged outputs - enables multi battery configurations that can fit most installation types.

    The Benefits of Victron Centaur Chargers

    The Centaur chargers offer high quality charging and come with aluminum epoxy powder coated cases, drip shield, and stainless steel fixings. The system is, therefore, able to withstand even adverse environmental conditions, such as high heat, humidity, or salt air.

    The circuit boards are all protected with an acrylic coating which lowers the possibility of corrosions. Other benefits to know include:

    • Integrated temperature sensors - allow power components to operate only within specified limits, sometimes by reducing the output current during extreme environmental conditions;
    • Three-stage charging - the system charges at bulk rates until the output is reduced to 70% of the rated AMPS. Additionally, the internal temperature sensor compensated the charge voltage with – 2 mV/ºC (– 1 mV/ºF) per cell;
    • Battery alarm - the system has an audio and visual alarm that goes off if the battery temperature is too high or too low;
    • BMV-700 Battery Monitor - has an integrated advanced microprocessor control system combined that uses measuring systems for battery voltage and charge/discharge current.

    The Victron Energy Centaur Chargers offer some of the best charging options on the market today by meeting your charging requirements and offering an easy to install, and reliable system.

    The Centaur range of battery chargers features auto-ranging input covering 90-265VAC 50/60Hz input meaning they can be used anywhere in the world.

    Crucially, and unlike many other products that state universal input, the Centaur range will maintain full output power within the entire specified range. Other features include fully automatic three stage charge characteristic that ensures batteries are fully charged every time and three isolated charge outputs for multi battery configurations to suit the majority of typical installations.

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    Want to purchase a Victron Energy Centaur Charger, or want to learn more about Victron Energy product lines? Colorado Standby can help! Call our office at 866-888-6111 to get started.