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Skylla-i Chargers

Victron Energy Skylla-I Chargers

Chargers are a key component of any off-grid system, and as an authorized Victron Energy Blue Power distributor, Colorado Standby can put you in direct contact with some of the best products on the market today.

Products like the Victron Energy Skylla-I Chargers, a powerful modern battery charger that is perfectly equipped to last even in adverse environments such as high heat, high humidity, or salty air. This is an amazing option both for professionals and individual consumers when it comes to a reliable, long-lasting battery charger.

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Skylla-I Chargers Benefits and Uses

Victron Energy never cuts any corners when it comes to quality and performance, and that much remains true for their impressive line of chargers as well. The Skylla-i charger provides the right amount of charge for lead-acid batteries, having a variable absorption time, and a BatterySafe mode which helps prevent damage caused by excessive gassing.

Some key features and benefits of the chargers include:

  • Has a Storage mode that requires less maintenance and delays aging when the battery is not in use;
  • Is smaller and lighter when compared to similar models;
  • Has remote control;
  • Users can set a maximum short power;
  • Allows several charges to be synchronised with the CAN bus interface;
  • Has an integrated battery temperature sensor which makes the charge voltage automatically decrease when the battery temperature increases;
  • Can be successfully used as a power supply if you do not have other batteries or large buffer capacitors

How They Can Support the Power System

The Victron Energy Skylla-I battery charger has a control panel that enables remote control and monitoring of the charging process. Users can monitor performance straight from the LED status indication, as well as make current adjustments if they need to limit the input current and power drawn from the AC supply.

This feature is especially useful if the charger operates from a limited shore power of smaller gensets. Through the panel, users can also easily modify battery charging options and connect several control panels to one changer.

This technologically advanced charger is a direct reflection of Victron Energy’s push for constant innovation. The Victron Energy Skylla-I Charger will ensure you meet your charging requirements even in less-than-ideal environmental condition, while still performing at maximum efficiency, every time.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Victron Energy Skylla-I Charger or want to learn more about other Victron Energy accessories, please call the Colorado Standby team at 866-888-6111.

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5 Item(s)