Zamp Solar

Zamp Solar - American Made Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Zamp Solar designs solar modules in the U.S. ensuring you get the most efficient and highest quality product on the market. Over 40% of all new RVs come "Zamp Solar ready" with one or more solar components pre-installed because of their broad OEM affiliations and relationships. This makes the addition of solar easier than ever! Whether it's the use of a Zamp Solar portable kit plugged into a pre-installed sidewall port to the addition of a roof-mounted panel, Zamp Solar has you covered. 

  • Zamp Obsidian Series Solar Kits

    Zamp Solar Obsidian Series Solar Kits

    Handcrafted Solar Panels - 30% lighter, Aerodynamic, Lowest-profile 

    Solar Panel Kits include: Solar Panel(s), Mounting Feet and Connecting Wire(s).

    Integration kits include: Charge controller, Solar Ports and 10 & 15-foot Wiring Harnesses

  • Zamp Roof-Mounted Solar Kits

    Zamp Roof-Mounted Solar Kits

    Save on installation time with Zamp Solar's complete roof-mounted solar kits. Minimal installation tools required.

    Kits include: Solar Panel(s), Mounting Feet, Charge Controller, Pre-Terminated Wiring and all Connections

  • Zamp Expansion Kits

    Zamp Roof Mount Expansion Kits

    Quick and simple to install. Add more power to any roof mounted solar kit.

    Kits include: Solar Panel, Mounting Feet, and Connecting Wire

  • Zamp Portable Solar Kits

    Zamp Portable Solar Kits

    Simple, safe, powerful and U.S made. Connect to any 12-Volt battery, instantly, right out of the box. These kits are fully prewired and can charge 6 different battery types. 

    *Unregulated portables must be used with a charge controller.

  • Zamp Solar Charge Controllers

    Zamp Solar Charge Controllers

    Charge controllers are the brains of any battery charging solar system. They monitor, regulate, and protect batteries, panels, and electric systems. No matter what kind of battery you’ve got, Zamp charge controllers can handle it all. They even have one for dual battery banks that can simultaneously control the charge of two different types of batteries. 

  • Zamp Mounting Hardware

    Zamp Solar Panel Roof Mounting Hardware Options

    Simple and innovative solar panel mounting hardware. Endless application options. Mount on any side of the solar panel and set the panel just right. These mounting feet work with US panels only. Not for 10 & 20-watt.

  • Zamp Ports and Wires

    Zamp Ports, Roof Caps, Wires, and Wiring Accessories

    No matter what setup you’ve got, Zamp's got a port to make your life easier. Zamp roof cap and sidewall ports are the most popular and are widely used throughout the RV industry