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Zamp Solar

Zamp Solar Panel Kits

American Made Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Zamp is a leading manufacturer of portable solar panels for RVs and campers, and the ideal choice if you want to reduce your reliance on generators while camping and traveling off-the-grid. At Colorado Standby, we are an authorized Zamp dealer and sell a variety of different products, including:

  • Zamp Obsidian Series Solar Panel Kits
  • Zamp Roof-Mounted Solar Kits
  • Zamp Expansion Kits
  • Zamp Portable Solar Kits
  • Zamp Solar Charge Controllers
  • Zamp Mounting Hardware
  • Zamp Ports and Wires
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Whether you already have a Zamp solar installation and need more solar panels or accessories, or you’re just beginning to explore the benefits of solar power for RVs, you can find everything you need for your solar panel installation at Colorado Standby.

Zamp Solar Panel Kits for RVs

Zamp solar panel kits for RVs are manufactured with close attention to detail, and are all handmade in its facility in Bend, Oregon. Using the latest monocrystalline solar technology and a unique anti-reflective coating, all Zamp solar panels provide excellent efficiency and power.

About 40% of all RVs made in the US are wired for Zamp solar panels, due to the high quality of their products and extensive OEM relationships, and even vehicles that are not wired for solar can be converted with Zamp solar controllers and equipment.

With a 25-year warranty on most products and a customer satisfaction guarantee, Zamp solar panels are the best option for anyone who wants to upgrade their camper or RV with solar power.

Interested in the light weight and peak efficiency of the Zamp Obsidian series? Looking for foldable, storable solar panels? Need accessories or wiring to complete your Zamp solar installation? We have you covered. Shop our Zamp solar panel kits for RVs at Colorado Standby today to get what you need, and feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Zamp Solar designs solar modules in the U.S. ensuring you get the most efficient and highest quality product on the market. Over 40% of all new RVs come "Zamp Solar ready" with one or more solar components pre-installed because of their broad OEM affiliations and relationships. This makes the addition of solar easier than ever! Whether it's the use of a Zamp Solar portable kit plugged into a pre-installed sidewall port to the addition of a roof-mounted panel, Zamp Solar has you covered.