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The NeoVolta NV 24 Energy Storage System is an additional battery capacity option, doubling your solar battery storage. Built with a lithium iron phosphate battery, our solar batteries outperform any competitors made with lithium ion. Our NeoVolta batteries are built with stability in mind and therefore have superior thermal and chemical stability compared to lithium ion batteries, as well as a longer life cycle, and are non-toxic and cobalt-free. With the ability to be stored either indoors or outdoors, as well as capable of being integrated with a generator, the installation process is simple and straight forward. Thanks to the rapid auto transfer switch, your home will continue to be seamlessly powered when the grid goes down with either your solar or stored energy in the solar battery. We also offer a 10 year warranty, a remote monitoring system, and a federal tax rebate to bring you the best solar battery on the market.


NeoVolta NV 24 Energy Storage System - NV24

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    • 24 kilowatt hours
    • Lithium Iron Battery 
    • Higher Temperature Tolerance
    • Built For Stability
    • Federal Rebate Available 
    • Continuous Power During Outages
    • 10 Year Warranty 
    • Easy Installation 
    • 24/7 Remote Monitoring