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Residential Generator Installation

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Installing your home standby generator starts with a site visit. From there, we help you choose the correct size generator, the proper fuel type, the best install location, and everything in-between.

What is standby power?

Standby power means you never have to worry when there is an electrical outage in the event of grid power failure. Your standby generator will automatically kick on and save you from a costly night in a hotel, busted pipes, and unnecessary stress. We carry a number of emergency generators to fit your needs in these stressful situations; preparation is peace of mind.

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How does it work?

Once we have determined your standby power needs, an electrician will install your transfer switch first. 

Then, a team of certified install technicians will move your generator into place, connect the proper electrical lines, and hook up the fuel source to your generator. 

Finally, your generator is tested to ensure that it is working safely and efficiently. 

Now you are ready to worry no more!

How much does it cost?

The cost of installing your home standby generator depends on variables specific to your individual needs. These include ease/difficulty of install, fuel type (Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, or in some cases, Diesel), location of your install, and so on. We recommend talking to one of our engineers to go over the technical details, get a quote, and schedule your site survey. Click on the link below to contact someone today!

Where do we do residential installs?




From Big Sur to San Fransisco

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New York

Westchester County

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New Jersey

Morris County

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New Jersey

Somerset County

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Fairfield County

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