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Colorado Standby can meet your power needs, whether it is a backup commercial diesel genertator you need or a RV Generator; check out our impressive selection today!

... I love the new Yamaha generator and the service you provided. I am so glad I spent the money to get the best brand of portable generator on the market. Truly amazing, smooth, quiet, and very well made. I will without a doubt do business with you again. Next on the list is a Yamaha pressure washer...

Curt M. - Colorado Springs

July 09, 2014  


       I am the property manager for LSI in Colorado Springs, on a very cold night I found the block heater for one of my generators not working - this generator backs up our data center at the time we were in the quarterly black out and needed 100% insurance the generator would start if needed. This caused me to spend the night at work starting the generator every two hours. I call our current contractor to get me another heater and was told it would be two days, this was the wrong answer. I called Colorado Standby and they had one installed and working in 90 minutes plus another one for back up ordered overnight. I had Colorado Standby give me quote for maintain our four generators and had it signed in two days. Every time I call I have never waited more than 1 hour for someone to arrive onsite no matter how small or big the issue is they handle it that day. I fired our other generator service company and have never regretted it.

Lance Payne - Property Manager LSI/Avago Corp

July 09, 2014  


       I have been impressed with the quality of work and commitment to services provided by all the great people at Colorado Standby! Every time I have a question or concern about a piece of equipment that Colorado Standby has serviced, they have been able to clearly communicate the problem and fit Quasar into their schedule. I am truly appreciative of their services and friendly employees!

Jillian M. Key- Chameleon Venues Tour and Travel Coordinator

July 09, 2014  


       Mountain View Electric Association relies on several backup/standby generators for emergency power at our operations centers and radio tower sites located throughout our service territory. Colorado Standby provides service and repairs for these units at remote locations from east of Hugo Colorado to the top of Cheyenne Mountain. The staff at Colorado Standby is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. They do a great job for us.

Ray Singmaster - Master Electrician/Program Supervisor - Mountain View Electric Association, Inc

July 09, 2014  


       We appreciate Colorado Standby’s quality of work and customer service. You are quick to respond and resolve end user service issues quickly. We surround ourselves with companies that look at business and customers the same way that we do. You have quickly proved yourself as not a vendor but a partner.

Bud Johnson - Service Manager - Power Management Systems and Sales, Inc

July 09, 2014