A key part of any generator is the fuel system. If the engine is starved or flooded, the governor is unable to maintain the proper speed resulting in large voltage and frequency variations. The WINCO PSS90 and all other WINCO emergency standby generator models include industrial features to ensure that your emergency generator will start and perform to specification when your family or business needs it. To control the fuel supply and prevent dangerous fuel leaks WINCO utilizes dual ASCO normally closed solenoids. WINCO uses ASCO valves designed to properly operate in cold temperatures to increase generator reliability. The GM engines include a dynamically controlled valve and fuel mixer that ensures the ideal fuel to air ratio is always achieved to maximize performance while minimizing emissions. The engines also include electronic governors capable of quickly and accurately adjusting the engine speed to maintain the most consistent electrical output possible through a wide range of load conditions.

This generator is available in 50 Hertz and numerous other voltages. Contact us for information on configurations not listed in the standard specification sheet.

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Winco PSS60 60kW Backup Generator - LP Vapor or Natural Gas

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  • •     Industrial GM 5.7L V-8 engine
    •     1800 RPM operation is more fuel efficient and is quieter.
    •     Field selectable between NG and LP gas with the flip of a switch.
    •     Industrial grade Stamford generator end
    •     Automatic Voltage Regulator provides +/-1% regulation.
    •     Complete digital instrumentation monitors and displays engine and generator operating parameters.
    •     Safety shutdowns are configured to protect the generator and load from conditions that can cause expensive repairs.
    •     Programmable inputs and outputs allow the generator to easily integrate into larger systems.
    •     NFPA 110 configurations are available.
    •     All alarms are visually annunciated on the front panel.
    •     Available in all common voltages.
    •     A 250 event log records important events to aid in troubleshooting and repair.
    •     Galvaneal steel enclosure is strong, corrosion resistant and quiet.
    •     Critical grade muffler reduces noise output.
    •     Side panels are completely removable to provide complete access to engine for routine maintenance.
    •     Oil and coolant drain extensions are included standard.
    •     Generator is shipped wet.
    •     100% load tested.
    •     ETL listed to UL Std 2200.
    •     This engine is only EPA certified for standby applications. Prime power applications must be locally permitted and the owner is responsible for all engine warranty.
    •     This generator is available in 50hz and numerous other voltages. Contact us for information on configurations not listed in the standard specification sheet.