Xantrex Freedom SW 809-0913 - Freedom Sequence Intelligent Power Manager (4 AC Circuits): The Xantrex Freedom Sequence Intelligent Power Manager is a fully integrated power management system (sometimes referred to as EMS or energy management system) that provides automatic power and load management for use in recreational vehicles (RV) while receiving power from a generator or shore power. The Freedom Sequence power manager optimizes the available current capacity from an AC electrical source to power as many connected AC loads as possible. It makes decisions on which loads get power based on a priority base set by the installer.


Xantrex Freedom SW 809-0913 - Freedom Sequence Intelligent Power Manager (4 AC Circuits)

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  • •     Manages the complex RV power system from a single remote System Control Panel

    •     Smooth integration with the Freedom SW inverter/charger to provide a total power solution

    •     Power management for different available sources including 50-amp Service, 30-amp Service, 20-amp Service and Generator

    •     Independent modular design allows use with any breaker panel

    •     Automatic inverter assist mode to provide additional power to support high peak power demands

    •     Automatically sheds and re-engages loads to avoid the nuisance circuit breaker tripping

    •     4 AC and 4 DC relays for wider options on load shedding

    •     Automatic detection of 120/240 Vac split phase AC source

    •     Real time independent monitoring of AC loads

    •     Quick programming of custom OEM configuration

    •     Quick-connect AC terminals for fast and easy AC wiring (no strain relief required)