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Cummins Power Generation Residential and Commercial Standby Generators

Cummins Power Generation

Cummins standby generators offer you dependable solutions for all your power needs. Cummins Onan has been helping people and businesses since 1920, with a comprehensive line of products that can be found in residential, commercial mobile, residential standby, and portable applications. Cummings Onan RV Generators will be there for you when you’re out camping with your friends and family. In addition to a strong heritage of quality, Cummins is committed to quality and provides their customers with products that offer quiet, reliable power when you need it, with minimal impact on the environment. The Cummins Diesel Generators will keep your home environment livable for nearly two days before needing refueling from your provider. Cummins standby generators and the Cummins Power generation residential and light commercial standby generators offer reliable power in an unreliable world. Having a home generator means never worrying about being left in the dark when the lights go out. 

A Cummins home generator means no matter what’s going on around you, comfort, security, and convenience are things you can count on. When storms, floods, accidents, or construction knocks out your power, a home generator from Cummins will keep your family safe. With a Cummins home generator, you’ll never be powerless. If your home is in an area where grid power is unreliable, a residential generator gives you the ability to switch between grid and generator power without suffering any downtime. This can mean the difference between life and death for the elderly, handicapped, or those in need of medical equipment such as dialysis or oxygen machines. Having a Cummins home generator means you can have peace of mind that your loved ones are always protected. Going camping? Check out our inventory of RV diesel generators for sale!

  • Cummins Power Generation Air Cooled Generators

    Cummins QuietConnect™ Air-Cooled Generators

    Worrying about how you're going to keep your home up and running when the lights go out is no worry with Cummins Power Generation. Residential customers love these air-cooled units, because they're some of the quietest generators in the industry. That's a plus when your entire street is blacked out due to severe weather, a curious squirrel invading a substation or a grid-locked homeland security incident.

    These air-cooled generators are lighter and more affordable than larger liquid-cooled generators. They are easily and professionally installed so that homeowners are safe and not inconvenienced. What is convenient is that the QuietConnect™ series comes with remote internet monitoring free of charge with no monthly fees. The mobile app makes managing your unit quick and easy no matter what the season.

    Cummins QuietConnect™ series runs on clean-burning, environmentally friendly propane or natural gas. Their smaller, fuel efficient engines use less fuel--a huge bonus for extended winters. Cummins QuietConnect™ generators have advanced enclosures to protect your unit and come with cold weather starting kits rated to zero degrees F so you and your family won't be left out in the cold.

    Cummins, headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, will be celebrating a century serving businesses and families all over the world. Their aesthetically appealing QuietConnect™ series will generate more than light, they'll generate the knowledge and confidence that your electricity will be back on in seconds and that your family is safe--which makes all the difference in the world.

  • Cummins Power Generation Liquid Cooled Natural Gas or Propane Generators

    QuietConnect™ Series Liquid Cooled Standby Generators

    Cummins' QuietConnect™ Series delivers the perfect solution for your home's backup power needs. Whether small or large, your home's power needs are equally essential to the peace and comfort of your family. Compact generator designs mean whatever your home's style, the QuietConnect™ fits neatly and aesthetically into the setting.

    QuietConnect™ generators utilize engineering designs and advanced technology to attain the lowest possible sound profile. Extensive testing and patented technology ensure these models are some of the quietest standby home generators on the market.

    Whether you're home or away, QuietConnect™'s monitoring and diagnostics systems allow you to control your generator without going out in the weather. Auto-transfer, integrated load management, and low emissions all combine to make the QuietConnect™ Series a convenient, safe, and efficient solution.

    Power outages can be a serious issue. Cold weather threatens health, darkness causes accidental injuries, failed security systems allow incursions into your home, even something as simple as spoiled food from failed refrigeration can threaten your family. Cummins Power Generation standby generators bring the lights back on, along with everything else your family needs. When the power goes out, know your family is sleeping, working, and playing in the comfort and safety of Cummins standby generators.

  • Cummins Power Generation Diesel Generators

    Cummins Diesel Generators

    Cummins Diesel Power Generators provide homeowners with peace of mind when the power goes out. Hooked up to your home's electrical system, they'll get you back up and running without a lot of noise. Whether it's a storm, a substation invader, or a homeland security incident, it is a relief to know that your power will kick on within seconds, barely enough time to reset your clocks.

    Unlike portable generators that power only a portion of your home's needs, stationary generators standby to power 100 percent of your home--preferred by larger homeowners for backup and emergency use since they power up and run unattended. An added bonus is that the gas tank doesn't need to be refilled every 5 or so hours. Cummins Diesel Generators' steel 50 to 100 gallon tanks will keep your home environment livable for nearly two days before needing refueling by your supplier.

    Sheltered in its own enclosure, a Cummins Power Generation Diesel Generator is anchored to the ground and isn't subject to theft-like portable generators. It will be considered an addition to your home so a permit is required before installation. Give us a call at Colorado Standby. Our experienced, certified staff will help you customize the right generator for you.

  • Cummins Power Generation Transfer Switches

    Integrated Transfer Switches for Reliable Power Transitions

    Cummins offers a wide range of automatic transfer switches for seamless transfer of power between the power sources in your application. Included as part of a completely integrated powersystem, PowerCommand® transfer switches rely on proven technology to deliver fail-safe performance in critical applications.
    At Cummins, we engineer our transfer switches with flexibility and ease-of-operation in mind. Paired with a PowerCommand generator set, the result is a robust power system capable of ensuring reliable performance while maximizing cost effectiveness.

    Technologically Advanced and Designed for Dependability

    PowerCommand automatic transfer switches are based on microprocessor control technology, optimizing performance and ease-of-operation. Their robust, high-contact-force design withstands thousands of switching cycles without burning or pitting to provide 100 percent continuous current ratings.
    A full line of standard switches is available from 40 to 4,000 amps for the entire range of power systems with common bus communication language. Custom-engineered switches are available to fit unique project requirements.

    Cummins global distribution channel is the single-source supplier of fully integrated power systems - from generators, paralleling switchgear and automatic transfer switches to local design-build support and service. Our global network has implemented more than one hundred thousand PowerCommand installations worldwide.