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Kohler Power Air Cooled Generators

Kohler Residential Generators

Kohler Residential Generators automatically restore power to your major appliances and electronics in only ten seconds. Kohler air-cooled residential generators have received numerous awards, and with a 5-year, 2,000-hour limited warranty you have peace of mind. A heavy-duty, commercial-grade engine able to handle extreme weather, housed in a built to last, corrosion-proof enclosure ensures reliability and performance. PowerBoost technology produces the power to start heavy loads without loss of power to other devices. High-quality power with extraordinary digital voltage and frequency control and very low levels of harmonic distortion protect electronic equipment.

Kohler air-cooled generators are the ideal backup system for residential applications. The stylish enclosure withstands weather extremes, and the generators run on propane or natural gas. The clean, quiet operation of Kohler air-cooled generators make them a neighborhood-friendly power option with sound levels similar to a typical central air conditioner.

Colorado Standby makes choosing and installing the right Kohler Residential Generator easy, with a complete inventory of Kohler Residential Generators for sale. Colorado Standby has everything you need for an emergency power backup in stock and provides free shipping. To learn more about Kohler Residential Generators or any of our other generator options contact us today.

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11 Item(s)