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Victron Batteries

Victron Lithium Batteries

Whether you want to go green with an off-grid energy system, need an extra power supply to keep your business running, or some stored energy for when you take your boat out for the weekend, Victron Batteries are a high-quality solution, certain to meet your needs.

Victron Batteries are an incredibly popular type of battery that Colorado Standby carries in a number of subcategories, including AGM Super Cycle Batteries, Gel and AGM Batteries, Lead Carbon Batteries, Telecom Batteries, SuperPack Batteries, and Smart Batteries, among others.

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In addition to this wide selection of batteries, Colorado Standby also carries a range of complementary products from Victron, like Battery Protect, DC-DC Converters, Battery Isolators and Combiners, and Battery Monitors which allow you to maintain a firm grasp on precisely how much power is left in a battery.

Victron Lithium Batteries specifically, are made in one of the safest forms possible for any mainstream lithium-ion battery. A 12-volt LFP battery (like the ones made by Victron) consists of a series of four connected cells; a 24-volt LFP battery uses the same formula doubled, so it contains eight cells connected in a series.

Because Victron Batteries can be purchased in such a wide range of sizes and subcategories, they are perfect for practically any application where you need assurance that you can store power safely and effectively. Whether you want to power a building from a renewable energy system on a Victron Battery, or set out on a marine excursion with the confidence that you’ll be able to power your exploits effectively from start to finish, Victron Batteries are here to help.

Colorado Standby carries a wide array of Victron Batteries, including Victron lithium batteries, that can be used for virtually every application—shop our selection today to find the perfect solution to your energy saving needs.

  • Batteries

    Victron Energy Batteries

    Batteries provide two fundamental needs that humans often find themselves lacking: power and freedom. Whether you want to set out on a month-long boating trip, have dreams of living completely off-grid, or simply want to power your vehicle reliably, batteries are a necessary part of your vision, and there’s no better solution than a Victron Energy battery. At Colorado Standby, we understand that there is an incredibly wide range of reasons you may be seeking Victron energy batteries; which is why we offer a great selection of these powerful products.

    Victron stands apart in the industry because their batteries can be integrated with a wide range of associated products. This means you’ll be able to complete monitoring with ease, utilize isolators and combiners, and add a number of other complimentary items from the Victron lineup to enhance the efficacy of your batteries. This way, you can easily build up your application as time goes on if you should wish.

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  • Battery Isolators and Combiners

    Victron Battery Combiners & Isolators

    One universal truth about batteries is that they have to be charged to work; even the deepest power banks eventually run dry. Depending upon your application, you may often find yourself wishing you could charge multiple batteries at once without having to connect them. It’s not always convenient, or even possible, to link different batteries in order to charge them simultaneously. What’s more, you will want to know as early as possible if an issue exists with one of your batteries so you can avoid or resolve it. Victron battery combiners & isolators are the perfect solution to all these pain points, and more.

    A Victron battery isolator makes it easy to keep your applications safe with divided direct current, so you can breathe easy regardless of how sensitive the loads may be, and a Victron battery combiner allows you to easily and effortlessly power multiple battery banks at once. Colorado Standby offers several different combiner and isolator models, so we are sure to have a solution that fits your needs.

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  • Battery Monitors

    Victron Energy Battery Monitors

    No one sets out on a road trip without checking the level of gas in their fuel tank. By the same logic, you should always take note of your battery charge before connecting any loads. Victron Energy battery monitors make it easy to assess the state of your batteries. Colorado Standby offers a great Victron Energy selection from their BMV-700 Series, including the BMV-712 Smart Monitor.

    The basic function of a battery monitor is easy to understand for those familiar with off-grid applications: it is to calculate the consumption of amp-hours and provide information about how much charge is left on a battery. Additionally, these monitors can offer insight into voltage and current consumed, plus battery temperature. These compact devices from Victron are fully programmable. They can sound alarms or even switch critical loads to a generator when necessary, preventing any damaging loss of power.

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  • Battery Protect

    Victron Battery Protect

    When a battery is allowed to completely discharge, it can be damaged in the process. Utilizing a battery protect allows you to guard your batteries from such harm by disconnecting non-essential loads before any damage is done. At Colorado Standby, we know how important it is to keep your batteries functioning properly, which is why we’re proud to offer this versatile product from Victron Energy.

    In marine, residential, and automotive applications alike, there are bound to be loads connected to your batteries that aren’t exactly critical. The problem is, you may not realize just how quickly these non-essential functions are draining your battery until it’s too late. A Victron battery protect takes the guesswork out of shielding your battery from damage.

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  • DC-DC Converters

    Victron DC-DC Converters

    A Victron DC-DC converter gives you the ability to safely power your most sensitive devices, regardless of the voltage input, and no matter where you may be utilizing your energy application. It also allows you to control the precise output a device receives for a safer power experience. Colorado Standby is proud to offer a wide range of Victron Energy Orion-Tr DC-DC converters as part of our lineup from this esteemed manufacturer.

    DC-DC converters can serve many different purposes, but some of the most common include allowing 12V devices to receive power from 24V systems (or vice versa), supplying particularly sensitive devices with stable power output, and cutting down on power system interference. All of this translates to a more seamless application, whether your needs are marine, residential, or automotive. DC-DC converters simply open a world of possibilities for your energy application, so you can feel unencumbered without safety concerns.

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