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Victron Batteries

Victron Lithium Batteries

Whether you want to go green with an off-grid energy system, need an extra power supply to keep your business running, or some stored energy for when you take your boat out for the weekend, Victron Batteries are a high-quality solution, certain to meet your needs.

Victron Batteries are an incredibly popular type of battery that Colorado Standby carries in a number of subcategories, including AGM Super Cycle Batteries, Gel and AGM Batteries, Lead Carbon Batteries, Telecom Batteries, SuperPack Batteries, and Smart Batteries, among others.

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In addition to this wide selection of batteries, Colorado Standby also carries a range of complementary products from Victron, like Battery Protect, DC-DC Converters, Battery Isolators and Combiners, and Battery Monitors which allow you to maintain a firm grasp on precisely how much power is left in a battery.

Victron Lithium Batteries specifically, are made in one of the safest forms possible for any mainstream lithium-ion battery. A 12-volt LFP battery (like the ones made by Victron) consists of a series of four connected cells; a 24-volt LFP battery uses the same formula doubled, so it contains eight cells connected in a series.

Because Victron Batteries can be purchased in such a wide range of sizes and subcategories, they are perfect for practically any application where you need assurance that you can store power safely and effectively. Whether you want to power a building from a renewable energy system on a Victron Battery, or set out on a marine excursion with the confidence that you’ll be able to power your exploits effectively from start to finish, Victron Batteries are here to help.

Colorado Standby carries a wide array of Victron Batteries, including Victron lithium batteries, that can be used for virtually every application—shop our selection today to find the perfect solution to your energy saving needs.