Western Global Tanks

Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Western Global provides a wide range of diesel double-walled, above ground fuel tanks and containers - transportable fuel tanks, bulk transportable and stationary fuel containers, compact fuel storage tanks, offshore fuel storage tanks and containers, and diesel exhaust fluid DEF equipment and tanks for storage and transportation. Check out our entire selection of Western Global Fuel Tanks!

  • Western Global Fuel Storage Tanks

    Western Global Fuel Storage Tanks

    Western Global offers an extensive range of double-walled, above -ground fuel tanks and containers suited for a wide range of industries and applications. Designed for stationary, transportable, or offshore use, all the fuel storage solutions comply with worldwide approvals and standards to operate safely and efficiently. With capacities ranging from 132 to 23,165 US gallons, you can be sure there is a storage tank available to meet your fueling needs. Western Global’s extensive range of fuel tanks, including the TransCube and TransTank, are used all over the world due to their transportability, environmental compliance and innovative features. Browse the entire fuel storage range below.

  • Western Global Fuel Tank Trailers

    With the Abbi mobile refueler, you can quickly and efficiently refuel machinery around your site and facility. Meeting multiple worldwide transport regulations, the Abbi can transport fuel safely anywhere you need it. Browse the entire fuel trailer tank range below.

  • Western Global Lubricant/Waste Lubricant Storage Tanks

    Western Global offers a versatile range of lubricant storage tanks and dispensing equipment for your lubricant needs, such as new oil, waste oil and grease. Designed for stationary and transportable use, Western’s line of storage units are ideal for your equipment servicing requirements.

    Capacities range from 160 to 420 US gallons with a select portion of models featuring multiple compartments to hold multiple lubricant types at once. Browse the entire lubricant storage line below.

  • Western Global Field Service Lube Skids

    Serving as a complete mobile lube station, the lube skid allows you to easily service equipment dispersed around a job site or shop. Browse the entire lubricant skid line below.

  • Western Global DEF Storage Tanks

    Western Global offers a versatile range of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tanks and containers to meet the ever-growing tier 4 vehicle and machinery requirements. Designed for stationary and transportable use, all tank models have been designed with the necessary features and specifications to ensure the purity of your DEF.

    With capacities ranging from 42 to 1,300 US gallons, you can be sure there’s a storage tank available to increase the efficiency of your DEF handling. Western also offers specialized tanks and containers that hold both Fuel and DEF for your increased efficiency. Browse the entire diesel exhaust fluid storage range below.

  • Western Global Environmental Solutions

    Environmental protection is monumental when working with hazardous materials. Western Global offers a unique line of environmental solutions to help protect the environment wherever your operations take you.

    This includes a 630 US gallon / 15 BBL mud/cuttings tank for the safe handling of waste to and from on and offshore drilling sites. Browse our environmental range below.