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RV Solar Installation

Solar Panels for RV, RV Solar Kits, Mobile Solar Systems 

and RV Solar Panel Installation in Colorado

RV Solar Roof


Colorado Standby now offers RV solar panel installation & kits. Built for your RV, camper, trailer or van, Colorado Standby can help with your solar needs. 

With over 20 years of providing custom power systems for RVs and other off-grid applications, our team of certified engineers and technicians are prepared to develop a solar power solution just for you that is emissions-free, sound-free, and worry-free. We also have do-it-yourself kits in stock and ready to ship!

Learn more about our Battery Kits, Solar Charging Kits, Alternator Charging Kit, Inverter Charger Kits, Monitoring Kit, Victron Inverter/Chargers, Victron AGM & Lithium Batteries, and Victron Solar Charge Controllers.

We are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Colorado Standby sells and installs Zamp Solar, the largest supplier of US-made off-grid solar panels and accessories. 

Zamp Solar American made off-grid solar solutions allow you the freedom to get outside whether it's to boondock full time or to simply spend a weekend away. Solar is both quieter and cleaner than traditional RV generators and quickly pays for itself by removing regular upkeep costs such as gas, oil or other regular maintenance.

With unique features including anti-reflective glass, proprietary Omni-Mount frame and fused SAE leads, Zamp Solar offers a kit for every need, including Expansion Kits for more power. In addition to Roof Mounted Solar Kits and Portable Solar Kits, we also offer Zamp Solar Charge Controllers (single, dual bank, and all-weather), and Solar Cables and Adapters.

We don’t just do RV generator installation, we install generators for every use! Take a look at what the installation process looks like for residential generators or commercial generators, as well.