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RV Solar Kits

RV Solar Panel Kits & Systems

Colorado Standby offers the best RV Solar Kits (RV Solar Panel Kits) for RVs, campers, vans, tiny homes, food trucks, and more! These solar kits include portable solar panels for RV, flexible solar panels for RV, roof-mounted solar kits, Zamp Solar off-grid solar solutions, and the following custom kits:

Battery Kits

Our battery kits are available in two forms: AGM and Lithium batteries. We provide Lithium LifeP04 batteries that maintain output voltage, charge faster, are lightweight, and are very handy. Our RV solar panel kits also include AGM batteries that are maintenance-free and allow for deeper discharge thanks to their thick lead plates.

Colorado Standby prioritizes AMP capacity, which is why we offer 6-volt and 12-volt deep-cycle batteries. Wondering which is the best option for your RV? Contact us.

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Solar Charging Kits

Did you know you can recharge any rechargeable battery with our solar battery charging kits? This is a huge asset for clients who are into boondocking. Not only do you help to save the planet from fossil-fuels associated with generators, but the portability of our RV solar panel charging kit also makes it easy to transport.

Alternator Charging Kit

A core part of Colorado Standby’s RV solar system operation is the alternator charging kit fitted with useful features such as the “option boost” that allows your panel batteries to start the ignition when the main starter battery dies. It is perfect for skoolies and van conversions.

Inverter Charger Kits

The inverter-charger kits’ primary function in the RV solar system is to generate power from a battery bank. We ensure that the solar inverter/charger kit we provide has a hybrid function that simultaneously allows current to be pulled from the battery bank and shore power.

This comes in handy when you want to power large appliances such as air conditioners, deep freezers, and the likes on your recreational vehicle.

Monitoring Kits

At Colorado Standby, we believe it is essential to monitor your RV solar system, which is why we have developed a branded RV solar monitoring kit that informs you of your RV solar kit performance. Information such as energy usage, energy generation, and consumption, error alerts are readily available with the help of the RV monitoring kit.

Some of our monitoring systems allow users access to system data without an internet connection. You can cover all your bases and check how your RV solar panels are operating.

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