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Vanair Mobile Power Solutions

Vanair Mobile Power Solutions

Vanair has been providing best-in-class product offerings and the most comprehensive line of Mobile Power Solutions in the industry for over 44 years. The company started out as a division of Sullair Corporation, becoming Sullair PTO because of an idea to integrate a tow behind rotary screw compressor onto a truck vehicle’s frame. This utilized the truck's own engine to drive the compressor via the power-take-off (PTO), eliminating the need for a separate engine-driven tow behind compressor - freeing up the vehicle's hitch, saving weight, increasing valuable bed space, reducing maintenance and insurance costs and increasing mobility.

Vanair's products now include a wide variety of air compressors, generators, welders, battery boosters, battery chargers, and engine starters.

  • Vanair Abovedeck Hydraulically Driven Air Compressors

    Vanair Abovedeck Hydraulically Driven Air Compressors

    Engineered to meet the most demanding applications and conditions, Vanair’s powerful and reliable abovedeck air compressors are the Mobile Power Solution™ when truck-bed space is at a premium. Hydraulically driven and offering 30 to 185 CFM of air power, these reciprocating and rotary screw machines outperform the competition by offering a wider range of air power. Ideal for a variety of heavy duty markets, these vehicle-mounted designs carry many built-in features, including cold weather packages and integrated hydraulic/compressor oil coolers. For reliable power and and performance…Vanair’s abovedeck hydraulic machines are the Mobile Power Solution to get your job done.

  • Vanair Utility Mount Air Compressors

    Vanair Utility Mount Air Compressors

    Tier 4 Final-Compliant Utility Mount Air Compressors

    Vanair is pleased to offer our customers an industry-leading line of Tier 4 Final-compliant engine driven, utility mount, rotary screw air compressors in sizes of 185 CFM, 210 CFM, and 260 CFM. These stand-alone machines, which are typically cross-mounted along the bulkhead of the body of the vehicle, are equipped with a waterproof eye level, curbside digital control panel for easy accessibility. The corrosion-resistant canopy has fork pockets and a balanced single point lifting bail for easy installation and removal.

  • Vanair Engine Driven Systems

    Vanair Engine Driven Systems

    Vanair’s line of engine driven systems delivers rugged, heavy-duty, reliable and efficient solutions to meet anyone's air compressor needs. Offering 18-260 CFM of air, with up to 175 PSI, Vanair’s engine driven systems are built to meet the challenges of robust applications such as pavement breaking, boring, monument engraving, and general air tools. Available with gasoline or diesel engines, and rotary screw or reciprocating air ends, these systems are made to provide the utmost in portability and fuel savings. 

  • Vanair All-In-One Power Systems

    Vanair All-In-One Power Systems

    Introducing Air N Arc ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems

    One machine can do it all. The Air N Arc ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems provides up to six forms of power in one compact machine. Featuring configurations consisting of a welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster, battery charger and hydraulic output, the Air N Arc line provides you with a complete mobile workstation on the back of your truck.

  • Vanair Start-All Lithium-Ion Jump-Pack

    Vanair Start-All Lithium-Ion Jump-Pack

    The new Start-All Jump•Pack series are compact, powerful, lightweight lithium-ion cobalt jump starters. The innovative unit instantly starts up to a Class 8 Truck and off-road equipment. The units also feature a personal power bank to keep all your electronics charged such as cell phones, smart watches, computers, and speakers.

    Available in both 12V and 24V systems, these lightweight units are easy to use and store. Engineered with Vanair’s new Protect•All Safety Technology, the units provide safety features including reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit overheat protection, and over-discharge protection.

  • Vanair Goodall Engine Starting Systems

    Vanair Goodall Engine Starting Systems

    Vanair is proud of its acquisition of the Goodall Brand. Since 1939 Goodall has been the premiere supplier of jump, charging and engine starting products. Continuing the tradition of providing leading Mobile Power Solutions, Vanair’s new line of Goodall Products will include systems to meet all your Mobile Power needs such as the combination of engine starting and air compressors, or AC generators.

  • Vanair ETL-500 Electric Tool Lift

    Vanair ETL-500 Electric Tool Lift

    Designed to eliminate the backbreaking labor of loading and unloading your crew’s tools, Vanair ETL-500 electric tool lift handles up to three pneumatic tools with no problem. With our electric tool lift your tools are securely transported to the jobsite, where they are safely lifted from the truck to ground level. The ETL-500 eliminates the hassle of a hydraulic system by being powered by the vehicle’s battery. Because our actuator has a compact design it is easily incorporated into the frame of the lift, providing more room in the bed of your vehicle.

  • Vanair Drill Compressor Modules

    Vanair Drill Compressor Modules

    The Vanair Drill Compressor modules are a compact solution to limited space requirements on today's rigs. Available in a wide range of capacities, Vanair's full line of drill modules are designed and built to meet the rigorous demands of water-well, geothermal, oil, gas, and blasthole drilling. Vanair's VAST engineering experience, flexibility in design and custom solutions provide you with a one-stop shop for all your air compressor needs.