Wanco Generators and Light Towers

Wanco has been a leading manufacturer of light towers and generators for more than 25 years.
  • Wanco Towable Diesel Generators

    Dependable power for large construction, rental and emergency applications.

    Robust and reliable, every model features rugged construction with heavy-duty components, a premium-brand diesel engine and oversized brushless alternators. Perfect for construction sites, public events and storm recovery, these fully enclosed models provide reliable operation in any weather conditions.

    Designed for commercial andindustrial applications. Heavy-duty components, a dependable Flex engine and oversized brushless alternators.

  • Wanco Light Towers

    Wanco light towers are perfect for any application where portable lighting is required. Compact, highly functional and easy to use, Wanco light towers are designed for optimum performance and maximum efficiency.
  • Wanco/Voltmaster Generators

    Wanco has the most extensive line of portable electric generators available in North America. The Voltmaster line includes gasoline, L/P, N/G and diesel powered generator sets, portable two-bearing generators, tractor-driven PTO generators and DC generators.

    Voltmaster products are used in commercial, construction, industrial, standby, agricultural, military and export applications. Only the best in portable power comes with the Voltmaster label.

  • Voltmaster Residential/Portable Generators

    Voltmaster inverter generators are perfect for the RV or campsite or wherever you want all the conveniences of home. These generators produce a pure AC sine wave at a steady 60 cycles making them well suited for running all types of sensitive electronic equipment as well as microprocessorcontrolled appliances and tools. A high-efficiency engine produces low emissions. All generators meet EPA and CETL standards. A sophisticated smart throttle system varies the engine speed according to the load resulting in lower fuel consumption. The generators feature overload and low oil level shutdown protection.